1. You’ve accomplished so many of your goals and that is inspiring, especially on Solstice Day when I have this idea that I should be making lists of things to do during the summer.

    One of my plans is to investigate Audible. I don’t know if I’d like to listen to books but I’ll never know until I try it, I suppose. Somehow compared to all you’ve accomplished this seems like weaksauce, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

    • Happy Summer Ally! I definitely prefer reading most books, but it was fun listening to Billie Joe Armstrong talk about his life in his own voice. We tried listening to a novel and didn’t like it so much.

  2. Leaving dollar bills around!! Oh my stars, how I love this!! Thank you for sharing. I know you are humble and don’t feel terribly comfortable sharing your acts of kindness but sharing them with us is an act of kindness in itself as it inspires us to emulate your good heart.

    Tin Lizzie – yes, please. Or Rocky Road. Or any Dairy Queen blizzard.

    I have started keeping track of the miles I am walking each week. Have you heard of StepBet? You might like it and it might help you reach your walking goal. You join a StepBet group or game, pay an entry fee to join the group and then you are giving step goals to reach. If people drop out of the group because they don’t make their goal each week, their entry fee is divided among the others remaining in the group. So you get paid to walk!! I love it.

    Beautiful scenery. Are these stunning photos shot near your new home? What a lovely corner of the world.

    I love Audible. Have almost forgotten how to read with my ears because I am enjoying reading with my ears.

    • Hello Leslie! Leaving the dollar bills was fun, not knowing who would find them. I decided to add a sticky note with a smile and an encouraging message, so they wouldn’t think someone had dropped it. It does feel a little strange talking about your own acts of kindness, but triggering ideas in others is the goal, so I appreciate your validation that it’s working.

      I’ll look into StepBet. It sounds fun and engaging. With the temps as high as they’ve been, getting outdoors to walk has been challenging. We’ve never seen it this hot in June–and for so many days in a row! It is beautiful when you do get out though. The pictures I shared are from around our new home in Southern Utah.

      I still enjoy reading most books, but find listening to autobiographies told by the author really enjoyable.

      Happy summer Leslie! I look forward to reading your summer bucket list.

  3. Hi Christie – lovely to see you ticking so many things off your list – which also shows me that you’re getting out and about and connecting with new things in the world around you. After covid it’s great seeing people finding their way back out into the real world again and enjoying the simple pleasures that we took so much for granted. You’re certainly nailing your 60 before 60 list!

  4. I hear it’s uncomfortable for you, but I love your sharing the acts of kindness as it helps me see my own (I do do them!) as well as inspires me to do more. I’m starting to add things to my own new experiences list again…which feels so good. This past weekend we visited a Botanical Gardens in Sarasota that was delightful. And I’m reading everyone’s summer lists to get additional ideas… thanks for hosting the link!

    • I think many of us do acts of kindness without even realizing it, Pat. Being intentional about it makes me more aware, so I get a little extra pleasure out of it, but also I do it more often…hopefully spreading the joy a little more. (That was a lot of “mores!” 😁) I bet the Botanical Gardens were delightful. I love that kind of thing. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Hi, Christie – From your completed list, I have:
    √ Tried online grocery shopping
    √Drove a different route and took in my surroundings
    √ Downloaded Audible and listened to several audio books. I am currently listened to Richard Wagamese’s “Ragged Company”. It is truly breathtaking!
    √ Discovered two new blogs: Jonathan Writes and Ju-Lyn.
    √ I am already a huge fan of Roughwighting and Annika Perry—love them both!
    √Tried a new beer: Salish Sea Pale Ale.
    Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  6. Joanne

    You are doing so well with your goals! I used to make a list each year with my boys called 52 Brand New and it was fun to find new experiences, foods, and things to try each year. Somehow we got away from that these past couple of years and I miss it!!

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