1. Christie, Buddy is so gorgeous. I’m pleased you’ve found a new doggie to bring into your lives. Lots of love will have him settled in no time. I’m sure you’re going to have lots of adventures together

    • Thank you Jennifer. We are in heaven! He is such a sweet dog. We’ve already had lots of laughter and snuggles with him. We were hesitant to make the commitment of owning another pet (and giving our hearts away…losing Charlie was hard), but we are glad we did. We’re all in now!

  2. I love your story of socially distanced adoption. I am sure Buddy will bring you a lot of happiness. My son adopted a beautiful bichon frise from a rescue centre a few years ago. I have had lots of cats, some of them rescues but no dogs.

    • Hello Anne. It feels good to offer a stable home to such a sweet dog, who has been through so much in his short life. I’m impressed at how quickly he is settling in. And yes, he has already brought us much joy. I so appreciate the good work pet rescues do, and I was impressed by how thorough they were in examining us to be sure we would be good, longtime caregivers.

  3. What a lovely happily ever after story Christie. Buddy looks like he’s going to be a great companion for you once he’s fully settled in. Hopefully someone will be home most of the time to keep him company – but how wonderful that he now has a forever family to love him. It looks like a win/win all round.

    • Thanks Leanne. Buddy is getting more comfortable and independent each day–as long as we aren’t too far away. Luckily, Larry is self-employed and works from home (even without a pandemic), and I will most likely be working from home for the next six months anyway, so Buddy will have lots of company. We will be working to get him to a point where Larry and I could go out for a few hours without traumatizing poor Buddy. You’re right, though, it’s definitely a win/win.

  4. What beautiful markings! He is one handsome boy. We have rescued our last 3 dogs and only one never did release her early issues. It’s always difficult with a rescue not knowing exactly what they went through before you got them – our one dog obviously had some strong negative trauma in her life before us. Our current pup is a joy. She’s smart, gentle and loves everyone. Sounds like you’ve got a winner with Buddy, too.

    • He is a good-looking dog, Pat, and such a love. It breaks my heart to think of what some animals go through. This is Buddy’s fourth home in six months, but he has been dearly loved (from what I can see) in the past two at least. I wish I could explain to him that he doesn’t have to change families ever again, but hopefully he will realize that with time. I’m glad that you also have a loving pup. It makes such a difference in our lives.

    • Thank you Janis. I do highly recommend the Petfinder app. It brings animals from all different shelters into one place for you to look through. I must warn you…once you start looking you will want to adopt immediately! I thought I was just browsing, but them I wanted to rescue all of them. (I stopped at one though.) 😁

  5. Hi, Christie – This is an inspiring and uplifting story about Buddy. I’m so glad that he found such a wonderful home.
    And I completely agree — he has a VERY adorable face!

  6. Cindy

    The first pet I remember is our puppy Pokey, although I’ve seen pictures and been told we had a dog named Brutus in California. (A boxer maybe?)
    I can’t wait to meet and love on Buddy!

    • I have vague memories of Brutus. He was a boxer. And there was a dog named Spooky…not because he was scary, but because he was easily spooked…as I recall. But Pokey is the first dog I remember clearly. I remember bringing him home as a puppy, not sure Mom would let us keep him. You are going to love Buddy, for sure!

  7. Buddy is gorgeous and I’m glad he’s found a forever home with you. As an aside, my pooch (now 12) will still lie on the bed and watch the closed toilet door until I come out – just in case she misses me (or I go out the other way…not that there is another way, but Kali thinks there just might possibly be).

  8. That very lucky boy!! He has been adopted by a blue ribbon family. I know he is already counting his lucky stars. Have to admit I got a little choked up when I read about Buddy’s dismay at watching his foster family leave without him. So confusing to these animals when changes happen that we can’t explain to them. I just hate leaving our kitties for that reason. They hopefully know we are coming back, but I can’t be sure. Every time I leave the house for even a few moments, I call back to them that I will be back soon. But I can’t really say that when we leave for a week long trip.
    Buddy sounds very intelligent. I’ve had lots of pets and lots of pups but none of them were well trained to sit, shake, stay. They kind of did it when the mood struck. Someday I would like to have a dog again. But for now, we love our kitties very much.
    Really enjoyed reading this. I had no idea there was so much involved in adopting. Thank you for giving Buddy such a wonderful life going forward.

    • Thank you Leslie. We feel like we hit the jackpot with Buddy, especially considering we agreed to adopt him without having met in person–only virtually. We have definitely bonded though. It was truly upsetting to see his dismay at his family leaving without him and then when he was so nervous the first day. He will have a good stable life from here on out though. He does seem very smart, and I work with him a little every day, so the consistency helps. My husband had two cats when we first married. They were both older and weren’t around for too long after I was in their lives. We haven’t had a cat since then, but I know my mother and my sisters loved love(d) their cats very much. There is something about pets that is so soothing and joyful. I used to think I didn’t want the responsibility or the mess, but I was wrong. Once I fell in love with Charlie, there was no turning back.

  9. Buddy is beautiful. I love that the rescue organization does site visits to ensure safety. Buddy is one lucky boy to find a forever home with you. Enjoy!

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