1. Congrats, Christie! Enjoy your new home! My last move was many years ago, not only to a different state, but to a whole different region of our country. At first it was exciting, everything was new and different. I had to learn my way around my new neighborhood and city. I had to become accustomed to the “friendly” rivalry between the two big universities in my state (Alabama and Auburn) with one (Alabama) being in my new city. I had to learn all the southern ways of living. My house became a home when I felt comfortable with my surroundings. The people are nice, the weather is even nicer! I love living here!

    • Thank you Dee. So far, we are loving it. I have lived my whole life in Utah. Even our new home is still in Utah–on the very southwestern tip. I’m glad you had a good experience with your cross-country move and that you have loved Alabama and made it your home.

  2. Liz Gwynn

    Christie! I’m so excited for you and Larry to have your new place! From what I’ve seen, it looks beautiful!
    We moved a few months shy of 2 years ago. We still don’t have many pictures hung, and I feel like we’re still working on home improvement stuff that make the home ideal for us, but it still feels like home now. I would say it took us 8 months to a year to have it all feel familiar, more familiar than our previous home. Mind you, we live here full time, but I bet after your first glorious winter spent out of the cold, you’ll be feeling right at home down south.
    I love you! Hopefully sometime we’ll be able to see your place (and you both) in person!!

    • Hello Liz! It has been way too long since we’ve seen each other in person. I want to see your new home too. Ashley said it’s lovely. I’m glad it is feeling like home now. Thanks for the encouragement, and I think you’re right, winter will be glorious. Of course, we can’t spend the full winter there yet, but even to have somewhere to escape for brief periods will be heavenly. I may not be able to get Larry to come back with me! 😁

      • Liz Gwynn

        WAY too long indeed!!
        It was fun to see Ashley! Hopefully I’ll get to see you soon too!
        And yes, I wouldn’t blame Larry for dragging his feet coming home to the cold. But at least you have a place to escape to for now. Especially in those horrible air months (looking at you, January).
        Love you so!!

  3. Hi, Christie – Congratulations on your new home. The photo that you have shared here is stunning. In 2015, Richard and I moved from Beijing to Vancouver Island (a place that we had never lived before and new no one). Our house, the community and the whole island quickly felt like home. I can’t explain why, it simply feels like it was meant to be.
    I look forward to seeing more photos of your new place.

    • Hello Donna. Now that’s a move–from Beijing to Vancouver Island! I am happy that it worked out so well for you. I’m curious to hear how you chose Vancouver Island, since you didn’t know anyone there. Do share. I see that it is a beautiful place from your hiking adventure, so I’m sure that played a role.

  4. Hi Christie, it has been nineteen years since my last move. I remember that it felt like home as soon as I got involved at my daughter’s school and in the neighborhood. I think it is the connections we make that turn a place into home. Congratulations and enjoy creating new memories.

  5. You may always be so dazzled by the beautiful in the nature surrounding your new home that you never stop reaching for the camera. I am a little that way with the mountains here in El Paso. Have lived here since 1988. On the hardest days, I always look to the mountains.

    Sounds like you have a great start on building relationships in your new area. Good for you. This pandemic hasn’t made making new friends easy. I was on a quest for new friends in February!! Had just met 3 gals and then Covid.

    I have moved 5 times in El Paso since arriving. And have sworn that the next move will be the big downsizing affair that signifies official senior citizen status. Even though at 62, some would argue I am already there. I really detest moving. Probably because I was an Army wife. A lonely one. I feel sure you will feel fully ‘home’ when this virus finally allows us to socialize more normally and without having half our face covered. It is hard to get to know someone with masks between you!!

    • So true, Leslie. I am still in awe of the mountains in the Salt Lake area where we live most of the time, and I’ve been here my whole life! I hope I never lose that wonder or the wonder of the beautiful red rock in Southern Utah. The pandemic is tough on making new connections. Luckily we have a patio out front that is welcoming to neighbors passing by and that is perfect for social distancing. I hate moving as well. This was a little different, because it was a second home, so we didn’t have to pack up all our belongings. If the day comes that we consolidate everything into one place, that will be tough! Larry and I have sworn we will start decluttering and downsizing our belongings before that day comes. Wish us luck!

  6. I envy your proximity to Zion! It sounds like you have found a wonderful place to put down (even part time) roots. I know that area has been a retirement hot spot for a while so I’m not surprised that you are meeting people already – it’s nice when just about everyone is a newcomer. I look forward to reading more – and seeing pictures – of your newest adventure.

    • It is such a beautiful area, Janis. I am looking forward to lots of exploring. And you are right, there are a lot of new homes in the area and many people getting to know each other–as best we can under the current circumstances.

  7. Great post! Your new getaway sounds so nice!

    When was the last time you moved? 24 years ago
    How did you make your new place feel like home? I can’t even remember!
    What else is on your mind? Anything at all. I’m glad its fall of the year!

  8. Hi Christie congratulations on your new home and the decor is beautiful. We moved full time to our apartment on the Coast just over 12 months ago.We had previously been living downstairs from my in-laws as we cared for them For 12 years I never felt like it was my home and we purchased our coastal apartment about 5 years ago. I always felt I was coming home when we came to visit even though it was only for a brief stay. Enjoy your new holiday home. xx

  9. Mary

    The last time I moved was 40 years ago. That move was about 3 miles from my last home. So everything was very familiar. Hope your new warm home will feel like home real soon.

    • That’s amazing Mary. I wonder how many people can say they have lived in the same home for 40 years? My husband and his sister just sold their mother’s home–the home they grew up in, so I guess their mother must have been there for at least 60 years.

  10. That’s one honking big TV you have there Christie! Glad you’re settling into your new place and it won’t all happen overnight “but it will happen”. I think one day you’ll wake up and feel the same way about your new neighbourhood as you do about your new house now. It sounds like you’re already making headway into being part of your community.

    • My husband is responsible for that giant TV, Leanne! He loves his television. I have to admit it fit nicely in the space, though. We do love the new neighborhood. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. It will help when we can stay for more than a week or two at a time.

  11. Congrats on the new home. I moved to London after growing up in the countryside when i went to uni and never went back. Home was always my childhood home until I had lkids if ny own. Ive now been in my current home 25 years but before that we moved frequently. I have always had great neighbours but I never got given cookies when we moved it not really done here, but its nice to know thats really a thing in the States and not just on Depeperate housewives lol

    • Hello Jacqui and welcome! Evidently homemade cookies to welcome new neighbors is a thing here! I must say it was very welcoming (and delicious). I must remember to return the favor when someone else moves in the neighborhood.

  12. Interesting question. It’s been a little more than five years since my last move. It took a little while to feel like home, mostly because we were combining two households – my stuff and his stuff. Once we started replacing things with our stuff, it felt more like home. I definitely need things on the walls and other homey touches – family pictures, things I’ve made, a good reading and/or sewing spot. Good luck making your new house a home.

    • I can relate to your experience Linda. When I married my husband, I moved into his house, with all of his furniture and household stuff. I brought a few things with me, but not much. It took a remodel before I truly felt like it was mine. This house is different because we bought it and furnished it together. The house is definitely feeling like my space. It’s the neighborhood I’m still adjusting to. We have lots of time to explore and get to know more people. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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