1. Hi, Christie – Thank you so much for returning as a Guest Host to my site. Your post is very thought-provoking and you are a very popular guest. I think that I am one of the few who loves saying that I am retired (perhaps a bit too gleefully) To me, that encompasses so many things.
    To answer your second question above, if I could not say that I am retired, I guess I would say that I am a blogger, a hiker, a traveler, a yoga student, a researcher, a reader, a computer nerd, a photographer, a friend, an aunt, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother….until people begged me to quit and let me just say that I am retired! Thanks again for a terrific guest post!

    • I love your response to who you are. We are all so many things. Too often we get hung up on one or two of those things. I hope to embrace “retirement” as gleefully as you have and free up more time to be all the things I am outside of the office. I do love my job, but it’s not the only thing I love!

  2. Thought-provoking questions. I used to say I am reluctantly retired but after four years, I am beginning to dig this gig. I do work as a substitute librarian in the schools but haven’t had a job in over a month. What would I say I do? What would everyone else say I do? Hmmm.

    My Prince Charming says that I am an artist. When I hear that, I feel the need to clarify with “not a real artist”. And I am not a real artist. Ha!! I am just artistic and kinda crafty and definitely a little eclectic.

  3. Christie, I really enjoyed your post on Retirement Reflections and wrote a long (if belated) response there. My answer to the question, what do you do, is “I am a retired professor.” Yes, I understand that question to mean, what job do you do? I am hoping that someday I will be able to answer that question with: “I am retired professor and a writer.”


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