1. Louise, thank you for sharing this information on hybrid publishing. I’m doing some memoir work but have yet to finish my draft, much less worry about publishing. That’s a minefield I thought I would worry about once I had a completed manuscript! I feel like this industry is evolving so quickly. It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new publishing option. By the way, I enjoyed your writing as well as the information.

    And thank you, Christie, for sharing this on your blog.


    • Hi Kristen…congratulations on working on your book. That’s such an exciting time. Afterward is when the honeymoon is over…? The publishing industry has made some important strides recently with the hybrid movement, allowing new authors more control, higher royalties, and a better shot at having their work seen and appreciated. Thank you for reading. I wish you every success with your manuscript.

  2. Hi, Louise and Christie – Thank you for this interesting post. I hadn’t realized that there were so many different publishing options out there. I am very glad to hear that there are. #MLSTL

  3. Hello Donna. Thanks for your comment. Yes, when it comes to publishing, there are a variety of choices. I always advise authors to do some homework before determining the best fit for their work. Have a great week! ?

  4. Hi Louise and Christie, thank you for an insight into the publishing world as I had no idea until I read your post. I would love to write something and to me I think the hardest part is actually making the commitment to start and actually produce something. I totally agree that not everyone has marketing skills so it is good to have some idea of what is available on the publishing side. Thanks Christie for sharing at #MLSTL and I’ll be sharing on SM. x

    • Hi Sue, You are correct; committing to a writing project is sometimes the toughest part. However, once you’ve met that initial challenge, there are others to follow. Many writers don’t have the marketing know-how to successfully promote their work. Thankfully, there are publishing partnerships available now to step in and assist.
      Many thanks for being here! :))

    • Hi Sue. It’s so nice to have you back. I missed you. Writing a book is a big challenge, and like most things, getting started is the hardest part. If you decide you really want to, I know you will. I’ve never known you to shy away from a challenge. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hadn’t realized what an enormous undertaking it is to get a book published and then actually put in front of the public long enough for it to be seen and read. It seems that you need Oprah or someone famous to be seen reading your book for it to make any headway these days! Still, there are lots of success stories so I guess you find the publishing method that works best and then put it out into the universe and try not to be too invested in the outcome (easy to say and I imagine a lot harder to do!)
    MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM 🙂

    • You pretty well described it in a nutshell, Leanne. My first big hurdle was to get the book written. Now I’m working on polishing it so that I feel proud to share it with the world. Then I’ll have to face the challenge of publication and marketing. Each step of the way I’ve thought, “I can’t do this! What was I thinking? But then I settle down and do it. I’m hoping the publishing piece is like that too.

    • Hi Leanne…ah yes! It is the fortunate writer to have an endorsement by Oprah. It is a dream of many authors out there. The writing community is incredibly large. While it does seem that a great percentage of writers make it through to traditional publication, an even larger portion are still waiting to reach that goal. Waiting for years, in fact. The good news is that there are choices for writers seeking publication. That certainly helps to keep things moving in the right direction. Thank you so much for your comment. ?

  6. Hi Louise and Christie, thanks for an interesting post and an insight into Hybrid Publishing. I have self published a book – a children’s novel – not a very good one!

    I wrote it from a dog’s point of view about a stray dog, with quite a bit of lavatorial humour because at the time our children weren’t very keen on reading. Then donated the proceeds from the book to an orphanage in Manila which we were helping to support at the time.

    I agree, the writing was one thing – but the marketing was quite another. Costly, timing and exhausting even on a small scale.

    I love you lines: “Writers are a unique breed. We are part hopeless idealists, part hard-nosed word warriors. We pour our hearts and souls into each line we create.”

  7. Thanks Louise and Christie! I’ve self-published two books but have done no marketing around them. While I’ve considered hybrid and knew a bit about it — I appreciated the information provided here. I’m in the middle of several manuscripts but have just recently committed to focusing on one with the hopes of launching by January. I’ll need to relook at the hybrid route before then. Thanks again!

    • You’ve been busy Janet! Congratulations on getting two books published and two more on the way. I’d love to share your experience with self-publication some time. If you decide to go the hybrid or traditional route this time around, I’ll be interested in your comparison. Thanks for joining the conversation.

    • Hi Janet…thank you for joining the chat. I’m impressed with your self-publishing two titles! That in itself is a big accomplishment. I currently have one book in the KDP program. I’m not marketing it and the sales aren’t great. I think the promotional aspect is something that is so relevant. If only one had an endless supply of free time, lol. All the best to you!

  8. Hi Louise, thanks for explaining hybrid publishing for us! We just have to choose the best option for ourselves when publishing. Yes, I’m working on writing my own book too! How’s your grandbaby?

    Thanks Christie for this post with Louise. Are you any closer to deciding what to do with your book? I’m anxious to read it!

    • I’m excited to hear that you are writing a book Dee and look forward to the day it’s ready to publish. I am slowly plugging away at mine. Right now, I plan to query agents for a set amount of time, and then if no bites, I’ll look at hybrid or self-publishing. I think what I want most is the assurance that the book is ready for publication and some legal advice, since the book is fiction based on real-life events.

    • Hi Dee! Oh the granddaughter is absolute heaven on earth. But, then, I’m sure you know all about that! I’m excited for you on the work-in-progress. As i always say… a writer writes even when she’s sleeping. It’s just one of those things. Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂

  9. Hybrid publishing sounds wonderful–the marketing answer. I have friends and family who’ve published the “traditional” way and the marketing efforts of their publishers were–how shall I put it?–underwhelming. You would think writing the book was the tough part but it’s not–not if your aim is for lots of people to read your book.
    like everyone else on this string, i’ve got a work in progress. It’s hard to think now about the essential marketing to come–should I ever near completion. I’m keeping the ASJ link handy.

    • Got luck on your writing project. I look forward to hearing more about it. At least we’re all in this together. We can encourage each other and share our experiences. I can relate to your comment “should I ever near completion.” I’m so close when I look at the totality of the writing, but this home stretch is daunting and feels like I’m moving in slow motion.

    • Hello and thank you for joining this discussion. I’ve also known writers who have had that same experience with traditional press. It’s certainly disappointing. Feel free to reach out to me when your project is completed. ?

  10. Nice post on publishing options! Sharing on my Writer’s Zen FB page for MLSTL.

    And Christie — I’ve been looking all over FB for the link to thank you for my drawing prize that I got in the mail last week. I couldn’t find it, and now I see…Duh! It’s because you’re through the MLSTL links. I got the little ‘Lovlies Box’ and I love, love, LOVE it!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

    • I’m so glad to hear that Trisha. It’s always tricky choosing a gift for someone you’ve just met. I hope you continue to enjoy it and that we’ll be blogging together for years to come!

  11. Wow, so many options for publishing! Thank you for explaining Hybrid publishing! I too have books in different stages of completion. A lot to think about.
    Thanks for linking up with us #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty32

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