1. GOTR really have all of their bases covered – Fitness, Friendship, Fun and Fashion. (Love the pink)! Thank you for sharing this with us, Christie.

  2. Hi Christie, so nice to see you at MLSTL again. And I adore this idea! If I was a runner (I am so NOT!), I would look for it in my area. And such fun that you can now do it with your own grand-kids (10! Oh my. )…but I love the fact you did it with other girls before hand. Wonderful!

  3. I find this so impressive. Great job. Thank you for sharing about GOTR again. I keep hoping it will come to El Paso but not sure I want to be the mastermind in bringing it here

    • I know what you mean, Leslie. I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming more involved–possibly as a coach or bringing it to more schools–but that will have to wait until I am retired.

  4. I love this Christie! What an inspiring program to be involved in and well done of your continued efforts. I volunteer with Rotary and we do lots of work with youth, I enjoy this involvement and always feel good when doing something worthwhile.. #mlstl

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