1. Christie, It always amazes me when people IRL tell me they read my blog, as they rarely comment. Years ago, when I worked in consumer products, we used to say that for every consumer call you got, there were 50 other people thinking the same thing. So I’d like to think that your comments are reflective of many, many more happy readers as well! A fun look at the numbers… now I’ve got to look at mine as well! LOL. Pat

  2. Cindy

    I can’t not respond to this-I don’t want to lose my “prolific” place! I love your blog and I’m happy to participate. I’m sorry your knee is still sore. Hopefully it will feel much better for your long run next week.

  3. Great to see your blog thriving and all the comments and interaction Christie (nice to know that I’m one of your “soon-to-be” spots for a guest post. I’m excited about my new Saturday guest post series and that you’re going to be part of it xx

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your guest series. I have made some wonderful connections through blogging, and I include you in that group. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  4. I enjoyed this post. I too, get so excited to get those notifications saying I got a new comment. My blog is new, and im still trying to learn the ropes. The “recap” post is a fun idea and I might may try it as well!

    • There is so much to learn with blogging, but the great thing is you can jump in with the basics and learn as you go. I know I’m still learning all the time. It’s fun to look back at those early posts. Good luck with your blog! I’ll be visiting often.

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