1. As I read your post, I enjoyed a large slice of cheesecake and wasn’t hungry at all! I need to stop that!!
    You have reason to have struggled a bit with running and anything else. This season with its colder, darker days are hard enough on their own but you have experienced some difficult days. You will get back at it, I am certain.
    Speaking of getting back at it. I want to get back to trying to vlog. Twice a month might have been too much for me to begin with. But maybe I can pledge to do a video once a month. I have a few ideas. Will you continue your Monday videos?
    So glad Mazatlan is back on the calendar. Wish I could drive you!! Or just sneak in your suitcase. We are going to Phoenix but that’s nothing like a beach vacay.
    You are doing so well on your activities. Yay YOU!!

    • Thanks for your encouragement and understanding, Leslie. It has been a challenging month. By the time we get to Mazatlan, I will definitely be ready for a beach vacay. I would love it if I opened my suitcase and found you there! It’s funny that you mentioned cheesecake. I don’t eat that often, but I had a big piece of cheesecake earlier this month. I can’t claim to have been hungry at the time, but it sure tasted good!

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