1. Hi Christie – I love the family photos on the wall, and that you’re ticking things off your list without overdoing it. I never create bucket lists – I’m choosing not to forward plan too much, and not to set myself too many to-do’s until I feel inspired to do so. I’m looking forward to reading about all you’re setting out to do before 60 – I’ve started making plans for my last year of my 50’s too.

    • Those photos bring back such fun memories, Leanne, and I’m pleased with how the canvases turned out. I can understand not wanting to over-plan or create a lot of to-do lists. I hope your plans for your final 50s year are fun ones!

  2. Your family pictures wall display turned out nice. I got a picture from my daughter that I put in a frame to go along with my fall display. I’ve got a few things left to-do & My Fall Bucket list. I’m linking up with my update. We’ve had some snow, so on to winter weather here.

    • Yea Karen! I’m glad you are linking up your Fall Bucket List. I’ll go check it out. We haven’t had snow yet, but it’s supposed to get pretty cool this weekend. They are predicting light snow showers. We shall see.

  3. You’ve inspired me to put soup making on my fall list as well. We head north this weekend (and hopefully have next step of move done in November)… it’s cooler up there already so soup, chili and stew will be on my meal plan next month!

  4. Soups sounds good, not quite soup weather here yet. Love the family pics and good for you for being able to declutter your books. You ask about our weather. It’s still pretty much warm, leaves are still green although I know now is a good time to observe the fall foliage in lots of places.

    • It’s been pretty warm here too overall, but we’ve had a few days where the temps suddenly dip 20 degrees in 24 hours. I took advantage of one of those time periods to make my soup. We’re at the end of our fall foliage. It’s still nice, but past its peak.

  5. Liz Gwynn

    Sounds like you’re well on your way!
    I just made a homemade broccoli cheese soup with bread bowls this past week and it made it really feel like fall! I’ll have to try the chicken noodle soup recipe.
    We decorated pumpkins this past weekend, and went to see the witches at gardner village today. It’s helping us enjoy this season, even though things are different this year.
    Love you and these updates!

    • Ooh…that sounds delicious Liz! And the Halloween festivities sound perfect. I drove past Gardner Village the other day, and the cars were lined up down the street! Was it busy when you went?

      • Liz Gwynn

        We wanted to go last week, but there was apparently an event with extra festivities… And SO MANY cars and people. So we decided to reschedule and go yesterday instead. It was still busy, but not anything like when we drove by last Friday.
        Almost everyone was wearing a mask, since it wasn’t terribly easy to social distance while wandering the area, so we generally felt safe and had a good time.

      • Liz Gwynn

        Also, I’ll send you the soup recipe! It was really easy and delicious! The hardest part was chopping the broccoli.

  6. Cindy

    Your St George house looks so good, I cant wait to see it live! I love fall too. I’ve baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bars and sugar cookies that look like pumpkins. 🎃

    • Thanks Donna. I have a desk job, so I set my alarm for every hour and get up and stretch and do a couple of balance exercises. I think it’s working. I hope it helps in the long run especially.

  7. Hi Christie, the canvas photos look great. It’s the little things that make a house a home, isn’t it? Malcolm baked two loaves of pumpkin bread yesterday – gifts to greet our new neighbors. The house still smells like fall, which doesn’t happen in S Fla, but we pretend by making hearty soups and stews, and setting a festive fall table. Good luck with your 60 before 60 list. I’m sure it’s filled with great stuff!

  8. On your way!! Great work.
    I am about to purge my books. Very impressed with your results. I have many children’s nonfiction books that I used as a librarian sub but I think that season has ended. Going to donate those. I, too, love the feeling that comes with reducing clutter. Although you would never know looking at my house.
    Can relate to baking something for someone else and deeming it unworthy of sharing. Had a complete meltdown over a Christmas cookie swap once.
    Love your family photos on the wall. Hanging them is like christening a ship with champagne. You are HOME.
    Have wanted to take a MasterClass. Maybe I will jump in with you.
    And balance exercises. Need those asap! Will look into that, too. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Leslie. It does feel good to have a nice, orderly bookshelf. I did keep some children’s books. Even though our grandchildren have outgrown them, we may have great-grandchildren one day–or guests with children. You should give MasterClass a go. I finished the David Sedaris course. though I didn’t do all the assignments, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him. Now I’m listening to a wine appreciation class and finding it very interesting. I hope you are having a happy fall!

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