1. Fran

    Very worthwhile post! It’s incredible that a small change of habit can make a difference. The plastic straw and the plastic utensils have also been on my list to turn down as has the plastic grocery bags in the supermarket. We also return the strawberry baskets to the grower. What really is troubling for me is the amount of resources we continue to pull from the earth all driven by business.

  2. These are all great ideas. I would add a total personal ban on single-use plastic bottles. For far too long we have chosen convenience over our precious environment.

  3. I practice those same earth-friendly behaviors but I could be a LOT better! I cut the soda can holder into bits and recycle everything appropriate! If only we all did just a few of these things. Coming to from Midlife Share the Love, Christie, and back to blogging!

  4. Absolutely every little bit counts. While I realise I have a bit impact on the earth and use too many resources, for many years we have made a lot of effort to use less resources, recycle and reuse. Collect egg cartons and give them to people with chickens, use a water bottle instead of buying bottled water, turn old clothes into gardening or painting gear before ripping them up for rags, get a ‘keep cup’ instead of takeaway coffee cup, (or don’t get takeaway coffee). A thousand little things we can do – and they do add up.

  5. Small steps can have such a huge impact! Especially in this arena where we need so many proactive people to combat the laziness and destructiveness of the few. I love Chief Seattle’s quote that you opened with. That is one of my all-time favorites.
    Visiting & tweeting from #MLSTL

  6. HI, Christie – Thank you for the reminder that every day should be Earth Day. You have given excellent examples of the small things that we can do that make a BIG difference. Great post!

  7. Michele

    If we all did several small things to help the planet it would make a large impact. I just bought reusable straws. I like them with smoothies, but hated the waste. This is a compromise and I hope they work out!

  8. I think my life is a little less disposable than other people’s in the Western World. The only coffees I buy are in china cups while I sit and chat with a friend – no disposable cup. I don’t use drive-thru facilities (because walking in is often faster) and I try my best to recycle everything that fits in that category. I’m also trying to remove any type of sugary drink from my diet so straws aren’t an issue either – hopefully Mother Earth is smiling 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx

  9. These are good achievable goals to have Christie and I applaud your efforts in thinking about making small changes for a big effect. I have shared your post on Twitter #mlstl

  10. Since moving to Germany it has been so much easier to live a more Green lifestyle. We do not go to fast food places, no so worry about over packaging, straws or plastic ware. Recycling is so easy to do here in Germany, and it is expected for everyone. I no longer drive, no a little less of a carbon footprint there. I love your three commitments. Everyone can make a difference!

    • Thanks Cherie. Germany sounds lovely. I truly hope to visit one day. The United States is such a consumer culture. I’m trying to at least be more conscious and therefore thoughtful about my choices. Have a beautiful day!

  11. Earth Day got by me without a notice 🙁 I use a metal straw and glass water bottle. The plastic water bottles and straws don’t mix well with the essential oils I add to my water. Speaking of Germany, when there I was told it was illegal to let your car idle. Don’t know if that’s true. Thank you Christie for linking up and co-hosting at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty 27 with me! I shared your post x 4 ♥

  12. Some very good ideas, once you start with the small things it seems you always work your way up to the bigger things. I know I do a lot more now then I did years ago. Thanks for joining us at bloggers pit stop. Hope to see you next week

    • Hello Connie and welcome! For me, awareness is the first step. I am definitely more conscious of the impact of my actions now. I love the Bloggers Pit Stop. Thanks for hosting.

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