Dream theme

Dream theme

I’m going on a little tangent with this week’s blog. I’m curious to know if any of you have recurring themes to your dreams. I hope you will share in the comments.

I seem to have three. (I may be about to share more of my craziness than you care to know, but here goes.)

  1. Dreams in which I can’t get to my destination, sometimes because I’m lost, other times there is something blocking me, like an elevator that won’t stop on my floor, a trail that disintegrates, or stairs that get super steep or narrow.
  2. Dreams in which I am trying to cover up evidence, evade capture by authorities, or I am already in jail for something I did that was technically a crime, but that I did for a good reason, like self-defense, protecting someone else, or keeping someone else from doing something worse.
  3. And finally, the one I’ve been having a lot lately, dreams in which I’m kept waiting for a long time for something that never happens, like a doctor’s appointment, a spa appointment, or to be served in a restaurant.

Any dream analysts out there want to take a crack at my neurosis? Or maybe it’s not neurosis, but a message from my subconscious. The waiting dreams started in earnest after I began focusing on strengthening my intuition. I don’t know if that means anything, but assuming for the moment that it does, what is my intuition trying to tell me?

In these dreams, I start out waiting patiently. After a while, I begin to worry that I’ve been forgotten, so I go nicely ask at the front desk. They always apologize and promise someone will be with me right away. Then I wait longer and begin to grow impatient and increasingly frustrated. When I go back to the front desk, I receive a less sincere apology and no promise that I will be helped. They can’t seem to understand why I am so upset, and I get more and more angry that I can’t make them understand–that they think I’m the unreasonable one. I usually end up leaving without satisfaction.

I guess the easy interpretations would be that I am tired of waiting for something or that I feel powerless to make things happen or to make myself understood. Though either of these explanations could apply to parts of my life, neither describes my state of mind in general, and if the dreams are my intuition speaking, I don’t know what to do with either of those messages. So I did what any normal person does when looking for free expertise—I googled it. Most online sources said waiting dreams that end without success are telling the dreamer to wait for the time when his or her work, achievements and efforts will be noticed. If that’s true, perhaps my intuition is telling me to be patient; all of my efforts will lead me to a comfortable, fulfilling retirement. Maybe. I’ve never been good at patience. Hmmm….

Well, anyway, that’s what the “experts” say. I’m much more interested in what you have to say. How would you interpret my crazy dreams? And please don’t feel confined to the waiting dreams; feel free to address any of the three recurring themes.

What about your dreams? Do you have recurring themes? Have you tried to interpret them?

Are your dreams realistic, or are you aware that you’re dreaming? Are you able to control what happens in your dreams?


  1. I will leave the interpretation to the experts! But you aren’t alone. I have had 3 themes over the years. The first that I couldn’t get my locker open. After decades of that dream it has finally gone away. The second is that I am behind the grill at a restaurant and I can’t read any of the tickets to get the food off (managed restaurants for too many years!). My third and favorite dream — but also very disappointing is that I have found a shortcut – worm hole? from southern California to Michigan and I can now go home any time I want in about an hour. Hate waking up from that dream!

  2. Cindy

    I don’t have any idea what they mean but my recurring dreams are about losing something or being lost. Often I’ve lost my car and after looking everywhere unsuccessfully I wake up frustrated. The other one is I’m lost on a cruise ship-or realize I’ve forgotten to pack once the ship sails. Maybe my dreams are just reminding me my memory sucks!?

    • I’ve actually had similar travel dreams where it’s time for me to go to the airport and I haven’t packed yet. Do you ever know you’re dreaming in your dream? If so, can you control aspects of your dreams?

  3. Cindy

    Yes, that does happen sometimes and I usually can’t control it. I’ve even known I was dreaming and thought I’d forced myself awake, only to realize I was still dreaming when I actually do wake up! (Make sense at all?) Weird.

    • Yes, I’ve had that experience before, but I’ve also had dreams where I’ve thought this is my dream, so I’m changing things, and it worked. Not in my waiting dreams though–nothing seems to work in those!

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