1. Danielle

    That rental property looks like paradise. I have never been to Mazatlan. But it looks beautiful and warm.

    You have accomplished quite a bit in your list so far. Great job!!

  2. Great progress, Christie. Even on the things you haven’t accomplished, you have been putting a lot of thought into them. I would love to a do a whole family beach vacation to Mazatlan or anywhere that sand and surf connect.

    Like the layered hair cut. You must have lots of hair. I used to. Boo!!

    Where did you get your color analysis done? I think that would be fun to do. I tend to wear neutrally earth tones but probably don’t look best in them. Just easier to hide in them. And camo!

    Having a look at BlogAid. I need some.

    • Thanks Leslie. I’ve been choosing items that I really look forward to doing for my bucket list, so it’s not too hard to make progress. 🙂 I did the color analysis online at http://www.style-yourself-confident.com. She has you submit photos and answer an online questionnaire. I was pleased with the process and the results. As for BlogAid, we haven’t started the actual work yet, because she has a waiting list and I went on vacation, but I was impressed with our initial phone call. I’m sure I’ll be writing a post about the audit and transition process. Fingers crossed! I am definitely technologically challenged.

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