1. Larry

    I’m joyful for you, the person that takes the time to write a blog so myself and other can express our joy.
    I always wonder if I’m feeling guilty, or is it I wish I just could take away someone’s pain, maybe their sorrow, just something so they can be joyful.
    I can tell everyone that reads your blog today and other times that there you, my wife, my “better half”, the love of my life does more for me and others without you realizing it. You care so much that guilty shouldn’t be the way you feel, but “caring” would be the word, and I never second guess that about you. ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  2. Great topic! Along those same lines – I feel so guilty for having a wonderful day at home when my hubby has had a really yukky day at work. He comes in looking so dejected and forlorn that it just seems wrong to have had such a great day… not sure how to get around it.

    • That’s a tough one for sure. Maybe that’s one of those “listening ear” times. But sometimes that brings you down too. Why can’t our good days always line up? Or better yet, why can’t every day be a fantastic day! 🙂

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