1. Cindy

    One happy childhood memory is as soon as it hit 70 degrees we were allowed to go barefoot! So exciting at the time. I enjoy sitting in the sun (only 20 minutes😉at a time) and listening to Pandora. I’d think I’d rather be too hot, however it probably depends on how I’m feeling at the moment. 😂

    • I remember that too, Cindy! Remember calling time and temperature over and over until it hit the magic number? Our children don’t know that joy–they just look on their smart phones. Good times.

  2. I love your list xx Even though its winter here I love to not have socks or shoes on, barefoot all the way. Growing up in Perth Western Australia I only wore shoes for school and church. My list would be sitting in a cafe with a friend having a coffee. Having dinner out at a really good restaurant. Catching up with my daughters and sisters and friends. We are in lockdown here in the Greater Melbourne and from tomorrow masks are mandatory. Our numbers are going up with COVD19 …when other states are doing so well. #MLSTL

    • Hello Bree! I’ve loved going barefoot since I was a child. When I get home, the first thing I do is kick off the shoes. I can see you are missing socializing. I hope by the time you reach summer again, you are able to do that without worry. We’re not on complete lockdown here, but mask are mandatory in public. Our numbers have been rising too, though we’ve had two days of slight decrease. Fingers crossed, I hope the masks are helping. Wishing you health, happiness, and a lovely winter!

  3. What a fun list. The blowing bubbles took me back.I used to lie on the deck in the sun and blow bubbles for my then 3 year old to run around popping. It was such luxurious play.Delighted us both. #MLSTL

    • I have similar memories of bubbles and my grandchildren, Lydia. A couple of years ago, someone gave me a small bottle of bubbles leftover from a wedding. I found it so calming just watching the bubbles drift off. Wishing you a happy season!

  4. Hi Christie, We have a few things in common on our summer fun list. Simple fun is the best, not much prep work required. Have a fun-filled July! #MLSTL

    • Doesn’t it Jo? That’s what I’m looking for the simple pleasure I remember as a child when we said, “Let’s go play!” Take care of yourself. I hope you are having some socially-distanced fun whatever you are doing.

  5. It’s winter here but… some of the things I’m already doing – is lolling about in flannelette pyjamas AND flannelette sheets. Drinking red wine. Sadly I have no fire place. Having wonderful warm and luxurious baths.

    I think I’d like to spend a little more time just watching television under the heater. And perhaps some hot chocolate at night is called for.

  6. Christie, Definitely stealing a few of your ideas to add onto my list. You had more “slow down and savor” ideas than I did. But it’s a great list to have front and center especially when my mood starts to go negative with all the Covid-19 craziness. (Keep in mind, our other/new house is in Florida which is a nightmare right now.) Have a PLAYFUL week!

  7. I like your playlist, especially the parts about a jigsaw puzzle, ice cream, girls trip, turning up the music, picnic, salad, fresh produce, sleep in, blow bubbles, and restaurant. My fun thing for the summer is I’m on vacation right now as I type this! One of my fav childhood summertime memories is going on vacation with my grandparents and oh yes, picking fresh veggies from their garden. If I had my choice I’d rather be too hot.

  8. Such a great play list Christie! I can’t wait until summer, although I’m away from home at the moment where it’s much warmer than our frosty temperatures, so I’m very happy! Such a playful list and I wish you well 🙂 Shared for #mlstl

  9. I was expecting songs, Christie so it was a lovely surprise to read your list of ‘play time’. I love drawing with chalk on the cement with my grandsons. Your list will certainly take you through summer and it makes me happy just reading what you plan to do. We need all the happiness and upbeat vibes we can get at the moment. Thanks for linking up at #MLSTL and sharing on SM for you. xx

    • Hello Sue! A little “play” on words there. When I put this list together, I was looking for easy things to do on the spur of the moment to inspire joy. I do love drawing with sidewalk chalk. My grandchildren are getting older now, but they still seem to enjoy that as well. Something about the bright colors and creativity, with no pressure to make it “good” because it’s only temporary anyway. I hope you are enjoying winter joys right now!

  10. A Covid-style girls’ trip sounds delightful. Just getting away anywhere sounds delightful. I have been taking my grands into the back yard, even 6 month old Cami, to feel the grass under their feet. My nurse-daughter says it is really important to be barefoot regularly and in touch with Mother Earth to ‘ground’ yourself. It is just impossibly hot here this summer so we really need to be out at sunrise in order to be comfortable out there. I have wanted to color with side walk chalk. Need to make that happen. And bubbles are very relaxing to me. Glad you are planning to spend time in your new home.
    This is a great list.

    • I love that your nurse-daughter encourages grounding yourself by going barefoot in the grass. We’re in Southern Utah right now (desert), and there isn’t a lot of grass, and what there is, it is way too hot to stand on most of the day. Our Murray home is different though, and going barefoot in the yard is an option. I hope you do some sidewalk chalk drawing and bubble blowing soon. Enjoy your summer!

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