1. Larry

    What made me smile? Looking at the calendar this morning and see it was actually Friday!! My Monday was Wednesday , my Wednesday was Friday and my Thursday was Monday…..the past Monday!
    See while I’m smiling!!??

  2. Love that nail art!

    This week, one of the things that made me smile was the aftermath of the ice storm. The trees were encased in ice, glittering in the sunlight. Absolutely breathtaking. And then, we had the prettiest pink sunset. I don’t usually like winter days here – they tend to be gray. The past 2 days have been beautiful. Frigid still, but beautiful!

    • That sounds lovely, Pat. Winter can be beautiful. Right now, we’re in that kind of drab state, where the grass is dead and the trees are bare, but there’s no snow or ice to pretty things up. On the plus side, we haven’t had the horrible inversions we sometimes get in Utah during the cold winters. Thanks for sharing your smile for the week!

  3. SaraBeth

    Hi, Christie. What a lovely blessing — warm weather and early holidays.
    Happy day for your daughter and BIG is great.
    This week what made me smile is seeing my little dog get bashful around a friend’s medium size dog. He’s such a cutie.

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