1. Larry

    I love doing little things that make you love me a little more then you did before 🙂
    I love the note on my bathroom mirror that says:”What can I do to make Christie’s day a little bit better?”(I wrote it, not Christie)
    I love to travel the world with you, try new things and make new friends l.
    I love spending time at Hawkes Landing , having a fire and beating you at Yahtzee .
    I love our crazy grandchildren, and I love you for just being you!

  2. Cindy

    I love it when my students at school make me laugh. This week a second grade boy said to me “I know you’re not a grandma, but you look like one.” Two days later a different second grade girl told me “I like your teeth.” I just love to laugh!?

  3. I love your positive nature and your gratitude, Christie!
    And I was glad to see ‘pumpkins’ on your list. I love the passion that you have for them!
    Everytime that I now think of pumpkins, I think of this blog!

  4. Connie Devivic

    I love it when an unexpected card of encouragement from my sister (you) arrives in the mail on the day I need it most. Thank you Christie! And I love it when during my musical theatre students post-concert group reflection say things like, “in this class, I feel like I’m with family, and I can totally be myself.”

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