1. Fran

    You have gotten right to the point! I also am grateful for family and friends, for the beauty in the world, for retirement, for good health so far and for the choice of being able to travel.

  2. Larry

    I’m grateful that I found YOU to make the friends we have and continue to make, and travel when and where we want to travel.

    Our “Brady Bunch Family” that brought four teenagers together (what the hell were we thinking ??) but brought us 10 of the greatest, smartest and sometimes off the wall comments Grandchildren in the world!

    And the Christmas present….Charlie Dog that so faithfully found You to be the softy and tend to his needy needs.

    Hawkes Landing, a place to enjoy quietness, a nice ribeye steak and of course binge watching TV shows that have come and gone. One that we have to watch each night as our last so we can say, “So long Dick”! (You need to be there to understand.)

    But every time I think of more things I’m grateful for, I always come back to You.

  3. Hi, Christie – Those are all wonderful things (and people) for which to be grateful. Your gratitude makes them even more special. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Hi Christie

    I am grateful my son safely traveled, by car, from San Antonio Texas to Monterey Bay California for a long overdue visit. It was so wonderful to spend time with him. He’s now safe back home in Texas.


  5. Lovely post Christie. We are indeed fortunate to be living in these times abs are able to travel like we do. I’m grateful for many things this week, a family visit being foremost on my list.

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