1. I love Carol Dweck’s work, especially ‘Mindset’. If given one personal/professional development book to recommend, that would be my top choice! Thanks for sharing it here.

  2. Hi… came over from your guest post on Donna’s blog. I love book recommendations. Right now my to-be-read pile is tipping over, so I’ll add it (love my Amazon wish list) but not buy it yet. I’m pretty sure I’m a Fixed Mindset, from your description, and wonder if reading the book will help me utilize that mindset better in this new life-stage (early retirement).

    • Welcome Pat! Thanks for coming by. I know what you mean by a tipping over reading list, but yes, I definitely suggest you add this one to the wish list. I believe the information and skills offered in Mindset would definitely be useful as you move into a new life-stage.

  3. Hi Christie! I’m a big fan of Carol Dweck and have quite a bit of her work and even wrote a couple of blog posts about it too! I think it is so important for us all to remember that we can make positive changes to our minds as long as we stay aware of that idea–and are then willing to work to make sure the change “sticks.” I think most of us who are writers realize that it is mostly persistence and practice that helps us succeed. I started my writing from a very humble position but after all these years I know I have improved. If I can…anyone can! Thanks for that reminder. ~Kathy

    • Hi Kathy. I’m always glad to meet another Carol Dweck fan. I agree persistence and practice are key to success in writing–and most everything else as well. I love the idea that the key to good writing is to be willing to write something really crappy first. If you’re afraid of writing something bad, you probably won’t ever write at all. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s much appreciated.

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