1. Cindy

    This week I took a ride in Mark’s hot rod for the first time. It’s fast and loud. I don’t really watch a lot of sports but I think volleyball is fun to watch. Have fun at the cabin!

  2. Pumpkin tasting…had my first sample in a Krispy Kreme pumpkin doughnut. Delish. I think I will seek something pumpkin-y once a week. It is almost our duty as bloggers and fall-lovers, to sample and report back, don’t you think?

    We are still ‘sufferin’ summer with temps close to 100, breaking new records for September. No sign of a cold front in sight. So will enjoy fall through your camera lens for now.

    • What a great idea, Leslie–a weekly pumpkin sample. I’ve already started, quite by accident (pumpkin scone, pumpkin muffin).

      Our weather changed so suddenly! From near 100 to 70s to mid-60s in two days’ time. It looks like next week will be a temperature rollercoaster too.

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