1. Liz Gwynn

    I love this post. I’m glad you had a great anniversary! I’ve been a crazy person about the flu shot this year as well, because Eloise can’t get one until she’s 6 months old. So cute that you got one for Larry.

  2. Larry

    Thank you for the best 18 years of my life! Thank you for the gifts and weekend. And Ruth Chris??
    If you look close enough in the picture of the table at Ruth’s, you can see David Spades white napkin at his side, and you weren’t trying to embarrass us 😉
    Those that read this and only know Christie from her blog, she is also a great caregiver to me . She has been unbelievable through this shoulder incident as I rode “The Big North” in Hawaii, and through health issues that most would wonder why one would continue to go through it. She is not only an amazing writer and communicator , she is an amazing successful business women, whom I’m so proud of. One of Utahs “Top Women to Watch” a few years back. And as a Grandmother , she is loved greatly by not only the Grandaughters, but Grandsons as well, knowing that she will be there at anytime.
    Here’s to you my dear, you deserve it!??

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