1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Christy. Sending healing color energy and love to you and your family. Visiting from #MLSTL and will pin the post and reshare. Hugs, Nan

  2. Oh Christie I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious Mum. You must be grieving so hard at the moment and yes, it’s a very good reminder to connect with our loved ones. We think we have lots of time, but we never know what’s around the corner. Sending blessings your way xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM ?

    • Thank you Leanne. It is very difficult to let go of loved ones, especially mums for some reason. We did have a good life and a wonderful few days there at the end with everyone gathered close together. I’m not sure what is beyond this life, but I like to think she is having a happy reunion with her husband, son, and parents.

  3. Oh my Christie, I am so sorry. What a sad, sad time for you…how awful it is to read your Mother passed away & in the horrible times of grief you have posted. The blogging community is always here for you. You are loved and respected.

    Sending all my best wishes to you…

    Denyse #mlstl

    • Thank you for your kind words, Denyse. They mean more than you know. All of the love and support coming from this wonderful community of bloggers really has helped. If only the rest of the world would follow our lead. 🙂

  4. Hi Christie, I’m so sorry for your loss and no words can really take the pain away. Grief is something we all have to deal with but know that you are surrounded by family and friends IRL and also in the blogging community. Thank you for taking the time to remind us to love and cherish those around us. Take care and sending my love to you and your family. #MLSTL. xx

  5. I really feel for you Christie and I’m very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the heartbreak you are feeling at the moment and yet you give us with a lovely message and a smile as well. Take your time in getting back to things and I wish you well xx #mlstl

  6. Sending you big hugs from the other side of the world Christie. Grief is such a difficult thing to deal with Christie. I’ve found it best to just be with the wAy I’m feeling on any given day with no expectations of how I should feel. I can tell you and your mother were very close so it’s going to take some time for you to come to terms with losing her. But you inspire me with the wY you are able to keep smiling regardless. X

    • Thank you for those encouraging words, Jennifer. I am finding that for much of the day I feel good, able to enjoy the things I typically enjoy, including happy memories of Mom. What I have realized is that I have no emotional reserves. If something doesn’t go according to plan, or someone says something that doesn’t set well with me, I am immediately overwhelmed or irritated or teary. Your advice to accept the way I feel at any given moment is spot-on. I don’t want to feel guilty when I feel happy or uncomfortable with sorrow or exhaustion. I’m trying to just accept everything as it is at this point. XO

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