1. Hi Christie,
    Good news for the pandas (and us humans) indeed. I have to say that I usually feel pretty safe wherever I am, but that is no excuse not to be “situationally aware.” Be aware of your surroundings, travel together when possible, and always have an exit plan.

  2. We had the police knock on our door last night at 11 p.m. after we had been asleep for 30 minutes or so. They wanted to know if we had seen anything out of the way around our neighbor’s home earlier that day as someone had broken into their car. Had always felt very safe in our neighborhood until the last 2 months, when there have been several break-ins on the street that runs beside our house. The good news is that El Paso is a pretty safe city in general. And I never really feel concerned, even at night downtown.

    So glad for the panda. I remember the kids at school doing research on endangered animals and the panda always being a favorite. Thankful he is off the list!

    • That must have been scary, Leslie. A couple of years ago, we had a guy trying to get in our house at about 7:00 in the evening. We called 911 and then our neighbor who was a sheriff at the time. It turns out he was high on drugs, and it took several police officers to subdue him. Luckily, he never got inside. That was the first and last (I hope) time that ever happened to me.

      I am happy for the panda. I hope we continue to make progress for all living things.

  3. Wow…I didn’t know that about the Pandas…this is great! Lets hope that eventually our wildlife will share the same good news. After all the fires here our Koalas are now listed on the endangered species. #MLSTL

    • Of course, I’ve been watching the wildfires on the news, Bree. My heart breaks for all of you there, including the many animals that have been killed or displaced. Let’s hope placing the koala on the Endangered Species list gives them the protection they need to begin to prosper again.

  4. Good morning from Australia Christie – love your bright little Monday snippets and wonderful news about those pandas – I hadn’t realized they’d been re-foresting and building up panda numbers – great to hear that.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM ?

  5. Very happy news indeed Christie, I’m so pleased to hear that. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by things at the moment so am enjoying making time to sit quietly and read my book. It is sometimes the little things that bring joy isn’t it? Thanks for the smiles today Christie and I’m sharing for #mlstl

    • That is so true, Deb–it’s often the smallest things that bring the most joy. Right now I’m sitting in my quiet house, drinking a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning, and reading these comments, and I realize how content I am in this very moment.

  6. This is such good news Christie. Thanks for letting us know. I do worry about our animals. Here in Australia the wildlife have been very badly affected by the bushfires. I love your cheery snippets

    • I’ve been watching the news from Australia, Jennifer. It is so sad. I hope we can work together to improve the situation around the world. I’m thinking of you and all my friends in Australia.

  7. Hi Christie, love your videos as I feel like we are in a conversation together. Thank you for your Happy Monday news and good to hear that Pandas and other species are being taken off the Endangered species list. As Jennifer said in her comment, the Australian wildlife has been devastated by the recent bushfires and I also heard that the Platypus is now endangered which is so sad. Thank you for bringing some joyful thoughts to #MLSTL and I’ll share on Social Media. xx

    • Hello Sue! I do love video for that reason–it adds one more dimension to getting to know each other. Often when we hear about wildfires, we are concerned with human life and structures, which of course, are important, but we forget about all the living things that are caught up in the destruction. I am thinking of you and everyone in Australia. XO

  8. Here in Wisconsin, bald eagles are back. They were endangered for many years and we never saw them. They nested near the Mississippi river, but have now also moved to other areas. I have seen several this winter. They are beautiful in flight, and it is good that they are back!

    • Bald eagles are so majestic and beautiful, as you said, Michele. It makes me happy that they are becoming more numerous. This world is so full of amazing life forms. I love watching National Geographic specials to see some of the many species that I will never come in physical contact with in my lifetime.

  9. What a cheerful note to start a Monday on. Thank you, Christie. With all the animal news out of Australia, I’m glad to know that pandas are coming back! Thanks again for visiting my blog–I’ll be sure to check yours out often.

  10. HI Christie,

    I love your great news! It’s so nice to start my week off with good news since, if you choose to watch the news, we’re bombarded with so much bad news.

    I remember seeing the pandas a very long time ago at the San Diego zoo. I believe they were on loan from China for breeding purposes. I stood in line for a very long time to see them and luckily they were active and we could see them.

    What wonderfully great news to hear that conservation efforts are working and people care to have our wild animals present, especially the wolf because they are certainly a controversial topic to many who live in the areas they were released. When I see them roaming Yellowstone (on TV, I have yet to go there) I feel so honored to know they are present in the lower 48 and thriving!


    • Hello Allison and welcome! I’m happy to have shared some great news to start your week. How fun that you were able to see pandas up close. I’ve only seen them on television. Same with the wolves. I did recently watch a National Geographic special on the wolves in Yellowstone. The story seemed to me to offer pretty even coverage of the various sides of the issue. They certainly are beautiful animals.

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