1. Hi, Christie – These are wonderful tips for the upcoming holidays. Taking time to enjoy our food has numerous benefits all around…and can become addictive once we start.
    Enjoy your break. See you back here in December!

  2. Christie, great tips. Whether it’s a special occasion or an ordinary day, I just eat a certain amount. On a special occasion, there are usually three times as many dishes to choose from, so if I want everything, I just take tiny portions so that I don’t end up eating more than I usually do. I don’t like that stuffed feeling. And I stick to my never-more-than-6-teaspoons-of-sugar-in-a-day limit, no matter how many desserts are on offer. #BloggingGrandmothers

    • I’m with you, Jean. When there is a large variety of food at an event, I like to sample everything, with sample being the key word. What I’m not as good at is no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar. I am committed to making intentional choices and slowing down to enjoy the sweets I choose though. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Cindy

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going to try slowing down, which I’m terrible at. I do the same as one of your readers said. I take very small helpings of everything and don’t overeat too much during the holidays.

    BTW I’m not on FB but saw your challenge to go a full day without complaining. I’m taking that challenge today!?

    • I’m always impressed by your ability to eat half a cookie, Cindy! 🙂 Enjoy your Thanksgiving treats and the time with family! Also, good luck with your day of no complaints. I actually did quite well, though I did have to stop myself a couple of times and redirect my thought process. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience.

  4. Hi Christie, thank you for this reminder to be mindful during the upcoming holidays. I remember from time to time to pause before eating and appreciate the food. Sometimes I even say thank you for the nourishment, or something along those lines. But more often than not, I forget to do this. Eating is one of those things we often do on auto-pilot. I hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    • It is so easy to go on auto-pilot, especially lunchtime for me, sandwiched as it is in between other activities. I have been making a real effort recently to change that, but it’s definitely a work in progress. I hope you enjoy your holidays, Kristen.

  5. Good tips! I very selectively choose my holiday treats. If I don’t love it, I don’t eat it. If I do eat it, I savor it and take a break from watching calories, just on the actual days of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 🙂

  6. Hi Christie – you are so right about mindful eating – and slowing down! I also found your thankful food prayer and interesting alternative for those who don’t say grace with their meals. Enjoy your week away – we’ll miss you but I think having a break is always a great idea.
    MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  7. Hi Christie, Happy Thanksgiving and also I hope you have a relaxing holiday. Mindful eating is something I am not good at so thank you for the tips and reminders. I tend to eat my food too fast and always finish before my husband. I’m going to try to slow down and savour the taste especially going into the holiday season. Enjoy and thanks for sharing at #MLSTL. xx

    • Thank you Sue. I tend to be a fast eater as well, except when I remind myself to consciously slow down. That’s why I like the idea of putting the fork or spoon down between every bite. It’s something simple and measurable. Thanks for hosting #MLSTL. I’ll miss you next week.

  8. Hi Christie, with the festive season almost upon us in Australia this is such a timely post to avoid over eating. I loved your tips, some of which were familiar and of which I needed reminding – but the one I loved the most was to give gratitude and say: In this plate of food, I see the entire universe supporting my existence. #MLSTL Shared on SM

    • Thank you Jo. I’m glad you enjoyed it. In this world where of modern conveniences where we take so much for granted (at least I do), it’s good to stop and appreciate all that went into putting a plate of food in front of me. It’s a miracle really.

  9. Great tips for mindful eating, Christie! Many of these ideas we’ve discussed in WW ? Thanks for the reminders and the idea of gratitude for the plate of food! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Christie!

    • Hi Terri. I’m a lifetime WW member, so something must have sunk in! I’ve also been attending a Buddhist sangha group that talks about mindfulness a lot. May you have a mindful, joyful holiday!

  10. I enjoyed your tips Christie especially the taking time to savour our food. So often we rush and don’t taste things properly. Enjoy your break 🙂 Sharing for #mlstl

    • Hello Debbie. There’s been many a time when I’ve eaten at my desk and thought where did my food go? I barely remember eating it. So I’ve quit eating at my desk. That was a hard habit to break! I plan to take my vacation as an opportunity to be mindful and live fully in the present moment. Wish me luck! “See” in you in a couple of weeks.

  11. I love being the one to cook the meal. I seem to be less likely to over eat when I do. So, I am thankful for that. I do try to sample everything, but stick to small portions.

    • That’s a good point, Cherie. I do not cook a lot since my husband works from home and is kind enough to cook dinner for us. However, I have been cooking on weekends lately and have found I really enjoy the process. I like knowing exactly what ingredients are in the meal and how they affect the flavors. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving now that you are living in Germany?

  12. Christie – I needed this reminder today. I do tend to over-eat…the foods that make up a transitional Thanksgiving dinner are some of my all-time favorites! I will watch portion control and mindful eating tomorrow and favor the bites! Have a great holiday and “see you” when you return.

  13. Great tips, Christie. I always neglect to do #1. By the time I eat, I am often starving and overeat. I will try to graze more this holiday season! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Great mindful eating tips Christie. Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely keep them in mind as we head into the silly season. Hope you have a great relaxing break #MLSTL Shared on SM

  15. HI Christie

    This was a wonderful blog post. I’m usually the one cooking for 10 hours. I end up snacking all day, so when dinner is ready I’m already full. I scarf down my favorites and then have pie for dessert. Yes, I am over full and bloated by the end of the day
    I get into my zen mode after all the guests have gone home and I am cleaning up in the kitchen. I go over all the days activities and conversations. Cool Calm and collected.

    Have a wonderful December.

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