1. I’m usually quite intentional in what I decide to do. But this Spring I’ve decided to go the opposite way. Just let my life unfold before me, doing things in the moment. Of course, I always attempt to be kind and helpful and creative as I go along in life. Can you write a bucket list after you do all the things? Or is that cheating! 😊

    • I believe there is real value in relaxing and letting life unfold, Ally. I am a tracker and a planner by nature, and I find it helpful to occasionally let that all go and just be in the moment. I look forward to hearing how this season goes for you and where life takes you.

  2. Christie, You’re doing so well with your bucket list. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate your milestone birthday. Have a great week ahead and enjoy Spring!

    FYI…I’ve been hosting the weekly Weekend Coffee Share link-up this year (picked up the baton from the previous host). It runs from Friday at 8 am to Sunday night midnight Toronto time. Details on my blog. You’re welcome to join in any and every week. Some of our mutual blogger friends have been participating. I hope you consider joining.

  3. I just love your lists…I think progress is always great and who cares how long it takes. I would like to commit to walking so many miles> i’d like to get a. fitness tracker of some sort.

  4. Joanne

    You are doing so well with your 60 before 60! Hopefully with nicer weather you can get in some more miles soon.

  5. Thank you for always inspiring me!! I need to make an appointment to donate blood again. For years I wasn’t permitted to donate because of my Lyme Disease but they have ‘forgiven’ that now and I can donate again. Yay!
    We have a lot of flavors of pistachios and pecans in this area. Many of the wineries also make flavored nuts, so delicious with a glass of wine on a summer day.
    Your soup looks scrumptious. I will look for a recipe. We often enjoy that soup at Olive Garden.
    Glad for your crocheting. If I ever finish this mosaic, and some assorted half-finished cross stitch pictures, maybe I will try it, too. But I probably need someone to show me live and in person.
    Hope weather is warming so you can discover some new walks and hikes. We are eyeing a hike to the tin mines. Bought bright flashlights for it. Now waiting for the right weekend, right weather.

    • Hello Leslie! You are the one that inspires me. If I can return the favor once in a while, that’s wonderful. I hadn’t given blood in quite a while either–I mean even before the pandemic. I don’t know why I got out of the habit. Anyway, it felt good to do it again. Some day when I come to Texas, we need to visit a winery and sample flavored nuts…with our wine, of course! I must confess I bought that soup from our grocery store, but it was made fresh there. I hope you get to go on your hike to the tin mines soon. I want to hear all about it. Happy spring!

  6. Great progress! It looks like you have a few yummy treats on your New Things list… always a wonderful motivator 🙂 I’m sure the weather will warm up soon. I can’t remember if you live in your new house full or part time, but I do know that that area gets a bit toasty in the summer. Hopefully you can get the bulk of your walking mileage in during the lovely spring weather.

    • Thank you Janis. Yes, there has been some food involved. That seems one of the easiest new things to try while staying close to home…and I enjoy it. We are still splitting our time between northern and southern Utah. That means I can walk and hike in Southern Utah in the spring and take it up north in the summer when it gets warmer. You are correct, it does get toasty down south.

  7. Hi Christie – I always enjoy your updates on your bucket list – so many little fun things that cover a range of areas. It’s great that you’re not aiming for huge things that might cause disappointment if you don’t achieve them (especially while the world is still so topsy turvy). Congrats on ticking off a few more things from your list.

    • Thank you Leanne. I am trying to savor these last quieter months at home before I go back into the office for work and start getting out more for pleasure. I am looking forward to getting back into the mountains for some hiking, now that the weather is warming. It’s strange for me to think that you are heading into fall. Enjoy the change of season. Happy autumn!

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