1. What a precious message from your granddaughter!! Our grands love with great abandon, don’t they?

    You did so well on your list. I feel certain you will get that dancing with the music cranked up squeezed into the end of the summer. And perhaps a BBQ with a big salad and all the fixins on the side? Sounds delish.

    The bubble photo is so pretty. Need to know more about the new cocktail and the lighthearted book!! Thank you for joining me. Hope you are enjoying that pretty new home.

    • Hello Leslie! The love of a grandchild is indescribably precious, isn’t it? I’m sure I can squeeze some more play into this last month of summer. Blowing bubbles was just as relaxing and fun as I remembered. Blowing them and then taking a pic while they were still in the air was trickier. I’m glad you liked the result. The book I read was A Happy Catastrophe by Maddie Dawson. There are some serious parts, but it is a feel-good book. As for the cocktail, that was a little bit of an inside joke with my sister. She forgot the bottle of wine she wanted to bring to serve with dinner (on our girls trip), so she concocted something with the drinks we had on hand. It actually turned out quite refreshing. I hope your summer finishes out well. I can’t believe we are thinking about fall already!

  2. What a gorgeous message on your granddaughter, Christie. I hope be your summer playlist.sounds like you’ve had a beautiful summer. Your post is making me Think of life after winter #MLSTL

  3. Christie – I need to make myself a list and then get determined about checking everything off my list! I’ve been thinking I need a COVID trip with my girls – no grandbabies yet, but I have grandpuppies! We’re in the same bubble, so safe to travel together – now just need to find an ocean side getaway where we can walk read, drink wine and eat delicious home cooked meals!

  4. Hi Christie – love all your ticking of the Summer boxes. I also really like that they’re simple and fun and easy to accomplish. LOVED your granddaughter making you a part of her top three best things – you deserve it xx
    Thanks so much for being a part of #MLSTL

  5. HI, Christie – What a wonderful message from your Granddaughter. Doesn’t that just melt your heart?
    Surprisingly, there are only 3 items on your Summer Bucket List that I have not yet done this summer (hit golf balls, draw with sidewalk chalk and spend time in your Utah home). This is the highest amount of checkmarks that I’ve ever gotten on anyone else’s list before! I’m off to find some chalk right now!

    • Hello Donna. That message from my granddaughter really did melt my heart. She also gives the best hugs! I’m impressed that you’ve done so well on my list…better than me so far. To make it complete, you need to visit and spend some time in Southern Utah. There’s lots of great hiking in the area! We have a guest room ready…as soon as all this COVID mess is over.

  6. Well done Christie, you’ve certainly ticked a lot of things off on your summer list! I love the message from your granddaughter, so sweet! Can’t wait for summer to arrive here just hope it’s not as bushfire-y as last summer! #mlstl

  7. I’m going to have to see how well I’m doing on my own summer list now! You’ve done great on yours. And, I’m starting one for fall also and keep it more about fun simple things to enjoy while still in this crazy self-isolation time.

  8. You did good, yay!! Picnics, salads, bubbles, jigsaws, and a girls trip sound fun! I had a 2 week girls trip planned for months with 2 of my long time nursing friends to meet up at the beach in September. Now they’ve backed out. They’re too afraid to go due to the virus 🙁

  9. Hi Christie I love your playlist and for me, I’m adding Stand Up Paddle Boarding this summer as I have never tried it. Thanks for being a valued member of the #MLSTL community and I’m sure we will continue to follow each other and our journey through midlife and beyond. xx

    • That sounds fun, Sue. I’ve never tried paddle boarding either. I’ve been focusing on balance exercises lately. I bet paddle boarding would be great for that. Please let me know what you think once you’ve tried it. I definitely will continue to engage with you and your blog even without #MLSTL.Take care!

  10. Hi Christie, I’m glad you got through a lot of things on your list. The one I love the most is walking barefoot in the grass. I don’t do it often enough, but when I do I get some kind of special energy from the earth and it fills me up with goodness. 🙂

    • There really is something to that–walking barefoot in the grass–that connects you to the earth and just feels good. We had a sudden cool snap yesterday that reminds me my barefoot days are coming to a close for this season. I better take advantage of every opportunity!

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