1. Hi, Christie – I agree that Mother Nature is most brilliant at this time of year.
    You are VERY lucky to have a neighbour who quilts, and generously share. Vancovuer Island is also beautiful if Becky and Randy would like to move here! I know the perfecdt neighbourhood! 😀

    • I am lucky Donna. And she bakes! I wish you a lovely neighbor just like her, but I cannot allow her to move. 😊 The interesting thing is Becky and my husband went all through school together, and now we end up living next door to each other.

  2. Hi, Christie! Loved your post! The new place is BEAUTIFUL! I have had many things to smile about this month, including riding with my friend in her new-to-her T-bird, attending a wedding of a dear friend, and enjoying all of the lettuce, spinach, and radishes from our garden. LOVED your flower pictures! I think my favorite of all the flowers at our place are the amaryllis flowers that my mother gave me from her flower bed in Florida about 20 years ago. They’re a beautiful reminder of her love.

    • That does sound like a delightful month, Gale. I love that you have flowers from your mother’s place all these years later. As you said, a beautiful reminder of her love.

  3. What made you smile this month? A trip to a party source store where we bought a bottle of top shelf bourbon!

    Are there flowers blooming near you? Do you have a favorite? Roses are blooming around use. This is their time of year here.

    What else is on your mind? Anything at all; I just love to hear from you. I love the look of your stones and rocks. We have a similar dry creek bed look going on at the back of our house and it’s fun to see yours.

  4. Oh, Christie, I am so behind in my blog reading. Seems I get caught up and then go out of town and fall very, very behind again.

    Your pool is such a restful space. My goodness, it is a bit of paradise. So glad it finished so beautifully. You are going to enjoy that oasis for years to come.

    Was recently back home to Kentucky and realized how much I miss green, and flowers. But then seeing your photo of the blooming cactus reminds me how much I love the flora of the desert, too. Our earth is just a beautiful place in every corner!

    • I certainly understand that, Leslie. I don’t want you to ever feel pressured to read every blog. Of course, I love hearing from you. We are really enjoying the swimming pool. I’ve loved pools and water since I was young, but I didn’t realize how relaxing it could be until I had one of my own. Hubby and I just float and talk. As you said, an oasis.

      It’s funny you mentioned missing the green, because as we drive back into the Salt Lake Valley after a stay in Southern Utah, we always comment on how green and pretty it is. Yet, the desert flora is remarkable as well. Mother Earth is full of wonder and beauty and such an amazing variety of life.

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