1. Hi Christie – well it’s all coming along remarkably well and you’re certainly well ahead of schedule. It looks like Buddy is definitely a bitzer – with bitz of lots of different ancestors in his mix. Loved your tulip pics and well done on the acts of kindness x

    • Thank you for the encouraging words, Leanne. I really can’t believe we are more than halfway through the final year of our 50s. It’s nice to have this little record of things I’ve done. And you’re right about our sweet bitzer Buddy. I think he got the best characteristics of each of his breeds. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

    • Thank you Donna. It’s been a fun little personal challenge. Speaking of inspiration…I’ve been contemplating walking the Camino de Santiago (100 km anyway), and I’ve been reading some of your older posts. Right now it’s just a dream, but it may become a plan in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Cindy

    I loved all the pictures of nature-so pretty! I can’t wait to go on some walks together.
    I laughed at Buddy being mostly American Bully. I’ve never heard of that, and the Buddy I’ve met is no bully! 😉

    • Thank you Cindy. We definitely need to walk and talk. I hadn’t heard of American Bully either, but once I read about their characteristics, I see it. He’s a wonderful companion for sure.

  3. Hi, Christie! You are doing so well with your bucket list! It’s been over a year since I’ve done one. Gosh, those tulips are gorgeous! And I had never heard of doing a DNA test on a dog. My Annie is a golden retriever rescue, but I think she has more in her than just golden retriever. I’d be very interested to do this with her!

    • Thank you Gale. I’ve really enjoyed doing the 60 before 60 challenge I set for myself. Perhaps you will join us for the next bucket list link-up in June. I’d never thought of a DNA test for dogs either, until my daughter did one on her dog. We were glad we did. It’s just interesting to know what breeds make up your dog. Buddy was a rescue too, so we really had no idea.

  4. Congratulations on your progress, Christie! Hiking outdoors is far more fun than logging miles on a treadmill. As you well know, the hills ramp up the fitness. You have inspired me to track items I dispose. This may help make it fun for me. A constant challenge. Interesting about #12. I have heard how this helps our brain synapses. Roughwighting and Annika Perry are two of my favourite blogs.❤️ All of the photos are great. The tulips, beautiful! Thank you for sharing a fun and interesting post. ❤️

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Erica, about walking outdoors versus the treadmill…both for fitness and enjoyment. I think there are a few things on my new things list that have worked my brain…and many that have stimulated my taste buds! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.

  5. I know I’ve said this before, but I LOVE this idea of 60 before 60. I need to consider doing something like this. Those photos are gorgeous.

  6. For some reason you dropped off my list of bloggers to check in on regularly Christie but I have you back in my sights now :). It’s great to read of your 60 lists, I did something similar last year prior to turning 60 in December but I stopped at 12 as 60 seemed too many things. You’re doing so well and lovely to see you again!

    • Welcome back Deb! It’s so good to hear from you. Sixty does sound like a lot, but since I count even the small things, it’s not so much. It has been fun, though, and kept me mindful. Have a lovely week!

  7. You are coming right along on your 60 by 60 list. I am inspired by the photos of your new trails to discover new trails for us to hike. We walked one beside the Rio Grande last weekend but the rio was nothing more than a dry river bed. Those tulips are the most glorious orange and their fringed edges remind me of the trend in denim with raw hems.

    That lavender cocktail sounds and looks so refreshing. I have always wanted to try something with lavender. Lavender cookies, maybe? Or this drink if I can find a recipe.

    My daughter has put a yet-to-be-born pup on layaway that is supposedly a sheepadoodle or something like that. Sheep dog/poodle. Will share this DNA site with her. It would be interesting to see if the pup turns out to be what they say it is. I bought the very best dog for $35 in 1994 because it was supposedly a husky mix. And I love huskies. But this dog was about as much husky as I am. Wish I could have known what in the world she was. No doubt part human.

    • Hello Leslie! I did love those tulips with the fringe. I’d never seen that variety before. That’s sad that the Rio Grande is dry. We’re in a drought situation here as well. We did get some rain this week, and it was a welcome change. Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming puppy. That’s exciting! It was fun doing the DNA test on our dog. I’m not sure it will change anything, but it was so interesting to see all the breeds that make up our Buddy. I know what you mean about part human. It should doesn’t feel like we are such a different species at times.

  8. Christie, We were surprised on our Dog-DNA test as well. While we refer to her as a lab-mix, she’s actually mostly boxer! I love Leanne’s “Bitzer” term and think I might switch to that. Thank you for continuing to share your acts of kindness … it helps me see my own. I’ve been trying to feel good about giving so many things away as we move – seeing it as acts of kindness.

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