1. Cindy

    Thank you for sharing your home and pool, and especially for being my friend. (Apparently not all sisters are friends.) I love you!❤️

  2. What fun I know you gals had. Look at those smiles. They say it all. Nothing better than a sister or three. What a lovely setting for the play. We have an outdoor amphitheater tucked in the mountains that is the site of concerts and used to host Shakespeare on the Rocks. Wish they would bring Shakespeare back.

    Your husband is very thoughtful. I am sure your brother was a jewel. Bless his heart, to have put up with so many sisters. I bet you felt his presence among those flowers or on your girls trip.

    • Sisters are the best, Leslie! Brothers aren’t bad either. 😉 There were four of us girls and two boys in my family. It was never lonely at our house–noisy and hectic at times, but never lonely. Larry is very thoughtful and I appreciate the beautiful flowers so much. I hope your days are sprinkled with little bits of joy!

  3. Hi Christie, for some reason I’ve been missing your posts so I’m back on track now and catching up. I love the happy photos of you all and seeing you getting out and about now. The temperatures have been quite warm from what I’ve seen, so that pool would be very useful! Have a lovely week and yes that dog is a down and out dog 🙂

    • Well, I’m happy to see you back Deb. It has been a very warm couple of weeks around here, though we are getting some rain and thunderstorms now. The pool was the perfect thing to beat the heat. Thanks for stopping by. Happy August!

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