1. I love posts that are all about gratitude Christie – love of family and friends is so close to my own heart – and obviously to yours too. So sorry for the loss of your friend, but happy for the lovely 80th birthday celebrations – life is such a mix of highs and lows isn’t it?

  2. HI, Christie – I too love your ‘Thank You Notes’ feature. What we focus on hugely colours our lives. No wonder yours is filled with love, fun and friendship!

    • So true, Donna. I recently heard about a study that found people who talk about being in pain experience more pain. As you said, what we focus on… I hope you are having a wonderful gratitude-filled day!

  3. Liz Gwynn

    Oh! Such wonderful things to be grateful for! I loved your thank you note to Margie especially. What a wonderful and unique woman she was.
    Also, that Piper quote had me cracking up!

    I’m grateful for choir, which has started up again. I love seeing my friends and singing every week.

    I’m grateful that Elsie has started singing songs so often. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard, and it makes my heart so happy! As I’m typing this, I’m listening to her sing “baa baa black sheep” on the monitor.

    Thank you to Kevin for surprising me and taking last Friday off of work! Such a good day!

    And at the risk of sounding cheesy, I’m grateful for your blog. I really love feeling more connected with you with every post I read. Thank you for sharing your life here.

    I love you!


  4. Cindy

    Thank you for sharing this! I too love and miss Margie. I’m so grateful she was our friend. I’m glad you liked the squash-I need that recipe! I’m grateful your my sis.?

  5. I am so in love with this post. I may have to “copy” the idea, it is so stuck in me right now. I will happily give you credit in my blog if I decide this is going to happen!

  6. Thanks Christie for reminding me of what I have to be grateful for announcing me as a winner of your giveaway!!
    I’m thankful to my daughter and son in law for allowing me the opportunity to look after them and baby Emilia, in the first few weeks after her birth. I’m so happy. I’m also thankful for the lovely friends I have. Congrats again!
    Shared for #mlstl

    • Being a grandmother is the best! And babies are so precious. I’m happy for you being able to share this time with your daughter and her family. I’m sure you are a great help to them and you get this early bonding time with your granddaughter. What could be better? Enjoy every moment of it! And again congratulations.

  7. What a wonderful list of thank yous. I’m sorry that you lost your friend, but how lucky to get 39 years with her. Most friendships never last that long. #MLSTL

  8. I enjoy these posts because it makes me stop and think about my own gratitudes. Today I am thankful the hurricane is only bringing tropical storm level wind and rain to where I am…and I can hunker down inside dry and cozy to read blogs.

    And where sis you get color change nail polish… I want!!

  9. Larry

    My big “THANK YOU” is to you . I’m so Blessed that I have you in my life, so just put an “I’m thankful for you” in from of these;

    1. Being and letting my children call you Mom when they needed it most .
    2. Being the best thing in my life.
    3. For being an awesome Grandma
    4. Putting up with my “germ a phobia “.
    5. Letting me have my hoarding issues throughout our home, ok everywhere .
    6. Let me love my Corvette and FBI Tahoe.
    7. Going to Costco and letting me roam.
    8. Loving my Dad, Mom, and Sister and Brother , and their families.
    9. Buying a tractor, every man needs a tractor.
    10. Loving my friends, even the crazy ones!
    11. Every surgery I’ve gone through, and always taking care of me.
    12. For loving me always, even when I’m not in a very good mood.
    13. For our worldly travels.
    14. For making me the happiest and luckiest guy in the world!

    Point is, I’m always thankful even when I don’t say it, or tell you!!!❤️❤️

  10. Lovely thank-you notes, Christie, and I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Margie. I’m grateful for so many things …Today’s examples: A great yoga class, a beautiful piano concert, home made chocolate chip cookies by my husband, feedback for my blog’s 2nd birthday, colourful autumn maple leaf trees, etc. Enjoy October! #MLSTL

  11. What a beautiful, every day meaningful post. Many of us talk about writing a gratitude journal, but few of us share what we’ve written. This week I’m grateful to be working with a diet coach to tweak in my eating… I’ve always eaten healthy, but have some issues that made me realize something was wrong with my diet. I’m also grateful the weather’s getting colder. Hopefully that means the fat, brown, horned caterpillars in my courtyard will “go away.” I don’t care if they turn into Cleopatra, I just want them gone! Brenda #MLSTL

    • Good luck with the coach. I’ve worked with coaches in a couple of specific areas I wanted to make changes and have always been pleased with the results. Good luck with the caterpillars as well. I do hope you reap the benefits of the butterflies when the time comes. 🙂

    • I truly believe that happiness comes from all of the little moments more so than from the periodic big events–things like a cat purring in your lap (or in my case snuggling the dog. Thanks for joining the discussion Janet.

  12. Hi Christie

    Thanks for your “Thank You Notes” posts. It helps keep gratitude, gratefulness,family and friendship in the forefront.
    Mmmmm, the yellow squash looks delish!. Recipe?


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