1. Cindy

    It does seem so easy to find the negative in the world, and sometimes you really have to look for the positive. But I’m a firm believer that there is more good out there than bad. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Christie, we can never have enough good news, and your series of sharing positive items is an inspiring idea. I wish that snippet of information could be the same for down here in New Zealand and the rest of the world! #MSTL

  3. As far as I’m concerned, keep bringing those positive stats – we can never have enough good news! #MLSTL (As an aside, this one did surprise me… in a good way.)

    • I was surprised too, Jo. I checked several sources, just to make sure it wasn’t one of those situations where someone bends the numbers in their favor. One of the most common reasons cited was an aging population. Evidently, young men commit the majority of violent crimes.

  4. It is nice to get some good news! Many statistics about negative things show that our world is no more in a mess than it was in the past, but that doesn’t make for good headlines. I agree with celebrating the positive things! Happy new year!

    • Thank you Michele. That is my understanding as well. Part of the reason it feels like crime has increased is because we hear about it quicker and more frequently. And of course there have been some pretty horrific crimes recently. We need to keep looking into the root of the problem and do what we can to improve things for everyone. But in the process, let’s not overlook the good things about this life and this world.

  5. It’s interesting that there’s been such a steep decline in violent crime in the US but yet all we hear about is the latest shootings. I wonder if the type of crime has changed? Now you’ve made me think Christie – and that’s always a good thing!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM ?

    • I was quite surprised by the statistics as well, Leanne. I think part of the reason it feels like there is more crime is because we hear about it so quickly and then the stories are told over and over. Of course, there have been some horrific mass shootings, which I suspect have increased (though I don’t know that for a fact). We definitely need to keep working to make things better, but knowing this positive news makes it seem less hopeless, which is a good thing all the way around. I hope you are having a lovely week! Thanks again for hosting #MLSTL.

  6. love hearing good news. Our newsfeed is full of the bushfires, death and so much sadness. Yet amongst the bad is the good. The brumbies are smart horses and managed to outrun the fires in the snowy area. Thank you xx #MLSTL

  7. I’ve been feeling incredibly despondent about the world this month so I was very much attracted to your blog title- and something positive. We certainly do need a bit of pepping up from time to time instead of looking at the negatives.

  8. Hi Christie, thanks for some positive news and sharing with us at #MLSTL. I know that there will always be violence, crime and other negatives in our world but we do need to focus our energy on the positive for our own mental health. Thank you for doing that and also for being part of our 100th #MLSTL party. Have a lovely week. xx

    • You’re welcome, Sue. I couldn’t agree more about the need to focus on the positive, even if for no other reason than to balance out our brain’s natural negativity bias. I always find much to smile about on #MLSTL, so thanks again for making that possible.

  9. Hi Christie, thanks for sharing some good news and statistics with us about crime and violence. It’s such a horrible subject overall and typically we hear that side of it in the news. So thanks for giving us those positive stats! #MLSTL

    • It is hard to reconcile the statistical decline with what we hear on the news. We had a tragic domestic violence story in our local headlines just yesterday, and then the shooting in Seattle. It’s reassuring to hear that it isn’t an overall escalation. I’ll continue to do my best to spread kindness and to look for the positive. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Candi.

  10. By the news, you wouldn’t know that crime, especially violent crime, is dropping. But with 24/7 tv, social media, etc., we’re seeing all of the crime, all of the time. It used to be that we’d hear about local crime and only occasionally hear about crime in other states when it was huge. But now we hear about every big and small instance. You couldn’t fit that all in during one local newscast at night or in your daily newspaper. A couple of years back, I wrote a blog post on Happy News and gave links to websites that focused on all the good news that happens daily but isn’t sensational enough to make it to your TV or your social media feed.

    • I love the idea of websites that focus specifically on happy news. I’m going to have to check that out. Those kinds of sites would be a good resource for my Happy Monday videos. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer.

    • That’s great, Leslie. I’m going to look for an app like that. I have a news headline app, but it’s often bad news. As you said, I need some good news once in a while. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Mainstream news outlets always tell the bad news, yes there’s bad news, there’s always been bad news but all news is not bad. They need to start telling some of the good news with happy stories because such does exist.

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