1. Cindy

    I like the idea of writing a love note to someone other than your sweetie (although they deserves one as well). It’s a good excuse to remind someone who might not be expecting it that you care about them.?

    • Yes, I agree, Cindy. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, but a few years back, I sent detailed thank-you letters, which were basically love letters, to one person a month. I felt so good writing them and got lovely responses back from those that received them. I love you!

  2. Christie – some great ideas. We celebrate our anniversary on Feb 10 so Valentine’s (and other hallmark holidays) aren’t high on our radar. That said – I love fruit but I also enjoy a bit of dark chocolate – it is also rich in antioxidants. I like to make dancing part of my exercise routine. My workout playlists are filled with dance music and I use light weights and a stair-step to get the blood pumping. I’ve not done this in a while but between you and Sue (Fit Feb) I started with it again yesterday. Thanks for the nudges!

    • I’m with you Janet–a small amount of dark chocolate satisfies the sweet tooth. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary late in January, so we’ve made it a habit to downplay Valentine’s Day as well. I’m glad to hear you have started up your workout routine. I’m doing #FitFabFeb with Sue, and I’m looking forward to the added motivation!

  3. Dark chocolate, YES! The fruit bowl looks yummy and healthy! You’re doing good with your challenge and Orangetheory! Never heard of MuscleEgg, hubby drinks Muscle Milk. Water is one thing I have no trouble with, it’s easy for me to get the recommended amount daily. All good tips ♥

    • Yeah for dark chocolate! I actually do not struggle getting my water in either, which is why I was such an overachiever on that goal. The MuscleEgg doesn’t taste bad–blended with ice, it’s almost like a milkshake–and I’m getting my protein in. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and sharing your comments.

  4. I wish I could like dark chocolate Christie but alas I can’t – too bitter for me! Those are great tips for Valentines Day. Mine are usually pretty much a non-event I must say. Been married for 34 years and he is not a romantic man LOL Well done on hitting some awesome fitness goals!

    • You could be like me, Min, and love all kinds of chocolate! It’s a problem. Valentine’s Day is a non-event here as well, following so close on the heels of our anniversary. Thirty-four years of marriage–you must be doing something right! 🙂

  5. Well done with your Transformation Challenge, Christie! Those 7 tips are great, too. Valentine’s day is too commercial for us. My province has a Family Day holiday on Feb 18 which is non-commercial. We like to make our own meals and relax at home regardless. For this week, I continue with my daily walks, yoga classes 2x, strength workouts 3x, and swimming laps 1x. #MLSTL

  6. Valentines Day gets pretty much ignored at our house. It always seemed a little fake to me… an excuse to sell us stuff. I do like the idea of eating fresh fruit, though… that and milk chocolate (I know dark is better but, for some reason, the taste never appealed to me). I love your focus on your goals – very inspiring!

    • The ignoring of Valentine’s Day seems to be a theme in the comments to this post. We all seem to have that in common. I actually prefer dark chocolate, but will eat milk chocolate as well. Thanks for the encouragement on my goals!

  7. Valentine’s Day isn’t as big in Australia as it is in your neck of the woods. It’s more a token gesture type of occasion – so no restaurant date for me and maybe a flower from husband (they’re very low cal!) Enjoy your day and I hope you get something lovely that doesn’t add to your waistline x
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLST and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  8. I love your healthy Valentine’s Day suggestions – it’s such a commercial and foodie riddled occasion that for us it has actually lost much of it’s appeal. However, I think it’s important to be romantic and to show how much we love and care for each other on Valentine’s Day, and so your ideas will come in very handy 🙂 #MLSTL

    • I like the love note idea as well, Donna. A couple years back, I wrote a detailed thank-you note to a different person each month throughout the year. I was surprised at how warm and loving it made me feel writing them, and of course, the response from the recipients was wonderful too.

    • The feeling is mutual, Jennifer. It was fun when the children were young making boxes and helping them address cards, but it’s lost its thrill as I’ve gotten older. Thanks for the encouragement on the challenge.

  9. Husband and I haven’t celebrated Valentines’ day in years. You do have some great ideas. I love the dancing though I am not sure where they dance here in Columbus. We are a college town so everything is geared to the young. lol

  10. HI Christie

    I think the heart shaped fruit bowl looks yummy. I think I’ll make it for myself. (l’ll share, of course) I’ll be baking a heart shaped brownie for my husband. He likes his chocolate. I’ve been of sweets for a year.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions. Good luck with your Orangetheroy


  11. I love this Christie because it shows that we can still enjoy the celebrations in life but with a healthier version. Your list gives us some easy and different ideas to try not just for Valentine’s Day but every day. You are doing well with your progress and I am very interested in the OrangeTheory program. I’m actually not a kale fan but perhaps in a smoothie it might be okay. Thank you for sharing your informative post with us at #MLSTL. I love Wednesdays as I can read all of my favourite bloggers in the one place! I’m sharing on social media in my ST60 & Beyond Let’s Thrive FB Group as it is perfect for #FITFABFEB2019.

    • Thanks Sue. I have discovered that there are some truly enjoyable healthy activities and foods. I’m not a huge kale fan either, but mixed in the smoothie, the fruit flavors seem to dominate. I agree with your assessment of the #MLSTL Wednesday, I find so many great blog posts there. Thanks again for hosting it.

  12. Very interesting Christie, although that’s a whole lot of egg white you have there! A nice list of ways to be healthy on Valentines Day too 🙂 . I always enjoy reading your posts and learn something new each time! #mlstl

  13. Great tips, but I will be breaking all of them. ha ha! No, seriously, I eat well on normal days, but on holidays, vacations, and such, I enjoy myself. We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day twice this year: this weekend and on the actual day. We plan on lunch and a movie tomorrow, and then on Valentines Day we’ll stay home since it’s a work day and i’m making a pork tenderloin with a banana cream pie desert.

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