1. cindy moore

    This is such a good reminder! I live for lists. Sometimes if i do something unplanned i add it to my list just so i can check it off!

    • Christie Hawkes

      I do that too, Cindy! Or I put things on the list that are a given (things I do every day), so I can check them off. Guess it runs in the family.

  2. Hi Christie! I saw this post on Over the Moon link-up! I really love this post! I’m a planner and list-maker myself (even planned the list of when, how, etc for when I retired at 55…) If you love your job, you stay, if not, start planning! My ducks all lined up to retire at 55 (OK to do here in California). I was also teaching part-time at a university at night, and by retiring, I could teach 15 units a year, which brought me back to my same income level with the pension. Your posts and interests resonated with me, so I figured I would subscribe to your lovely blog! Almost 4 years ago I married a man who happens to love windsurfing! He has skills to be a planner, but he really doesn’t. He is spontaneous and he’s just what I need to stop and just have fun! Here’s a link to one of my retirement posts when you have time to take a look! Have a great day!

    • Thanks Terri. It sounds like you and your husband are the perfect balance of planning and spontaneous. Good luck with your retirement. I will definitely check out your blog. That’s one of the things I love most about blogging–meeting new people and hearing different perspectives. Thanks for stopping by.

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