1. Cindy

    I do not blog, but I notice when you don’t post. I get a notification in my email, but I usually see your blog before I get the notice.
    I’m glad you gave yourself permission to take a break (just don’t do it often!). I think everybody needs to fill their well sometimes.

  2. Most blogs I follow send an email notification when there is a new post. I don’t open all of the notifications,(especially for blogs that post several times per week), but I do visit many of my favorite blogs every couple of weeks if things seem off. Personally, I have never had a set schedule, but I do try to post something around every 10 to 12 days. Sometimes I get into a Sunday routine, then I switch to Wednesday. It just depends on what I have to say or who I plan to link the post to. When I do take time off, I don’t announce it, I just do it, like you did. I’m glad you enjoyed your time away.

    • Hello Suzanne. Thanks for sharing your blogging insights. I stopped subscribing to blog updates through email and rely on the #MLSTL party and visiting blogs of those who comment on my blog…and occasionally dropping in on a couple of favorites that don’t participate in either of those activities. With #MLSTL going away after this month, I’m going to have to come up with another strategy for staying in touch. As for my posting schedule, I think I’ll stick with Tuesdays for now, but just give myself a little more flexibility to deviate from that when circumstances arise. Happy blogging! Enjoy!

  3. I follow so many (way too many) blogs that I don’t notice if they have a schedule or not. I also don’t usually notice if they miss a week, or even two. If someone posts more than twice a week, I usually set it up so I get them all on one day… then I read only one.I keep thinking that I should set a schedule for myself but I haven’t. I write when I have something to say.

    • One of the many pieces of advice I took from you, Janis. Setting up blog schedules to receive them once a week. This has helped me when I end up binging blog reading. Thank you.

    • Hello Janis. Thanks for sharing your blogging method. I usually notice someone hasn’t posted if they comment on one of my blogs and I go to reciprocate, and see there’s nothing new to comment on…or if someone who regularly engages with my blog doesn’t for a couple of weeks in a row, I’ll wonder where they are and what they are doing…hopefully something fun. I think writing when you have something to say is a good way to go, unless you enjoy the discipline or structure of a schedule. I’m learning there is not one “right” way to do things.

  4. I think it’s good to take little breaks. It feels better to write when you’re bursting with ideas or inspired that just because you have to. I take the school holidays off regardless of whether we go away or not. It’s good to recharge and regroup. #MLSTL

    • Good points, Lydia. I do enjoy that feeling of knowing exactly what I want to write. And building in holidays, even if you aren’t vacationing is a great idea. I do typically take a break from my computer on Sundays. Happy blogging! Enjoy!

  5. Hi Christie, I like your word “proverbial.” There is a reason, sayings have become sayings. It is almost like we have to give ourselves permission to take a break. I have read many “blogging rules.” I think of them like driving in Italy. They are only suggestions.

    Overall, I post a blog story when I have something to share. Maybe I should be on a weekly schedule? I do I find I miss bloggers when they are absent for awhile. Welcome back!

    • I love that analogy Erica. Blogging rules are only suggestions, and there isn’t just one way to “get there.” It’s all about the journey. Part of my journey is to take quiet time in the morning to write–whether that is writing my own blog or commenting on others. I find having a schedule helps me prioritize my writing time. That said, I was becoming too rigid, so relaxing a little is a good thing.

  6. Hi, Christa –

    All great questions. Here are my quick thoughts.

    Do you notice when a blog you follow doesn’t publish on schedule? Yes, I noticed your absence but thought that you might be taking a well-deserved break.

    How do you know when a new post has published—an email notification, a link party, check in regularly…something else? Email notifications work best for me.

    If you blog, do you publish on a set schedule? Why or why not? Previously I published weekly. Now I publish when I have something to say. I also used to labour over posts. Now I write and publish is one quick sitting.


    • Hello Donna! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yours is one of the first blogs I began following regularly. I’ve enjoyed watching it evolve. Your new one session writing and publishing method is working! 😊 I bet it’s more enjoyable too. My email box was overflowing with blog notices, so I started relying on #MLSTL and bloggers who commented on one of my own posts to lead me to new blog posts, but with the #MLSTL party ending soon, I’m going to have to come up with another method for keeping in touch.

  7. Hi Christie – I’ve heard about scheduling posts for the same day each week and have done so since I started blogging. I’ve gradually decreased my frequency though – from 3 per week down to 2 last year and (as of this month) I’m only doing 1 – on a Monday. I feel a bit like my blogging well is pretty low tide and I’ve written about everything there is to write about without re-inventing the wheel.
    I also genuinely believe that no-one really cares if we change our blogging schedule or our publishing day – they’re happy to read if they feel interested, or not – if it’s not appealing to them. There’s so much out there these days – and I feel like a very miniscule drop in the online ocean. Glad you’re back though and haven’t pulled the pin like so many others.

    • Hello Leanne. I can relate to everything you just said. At first I was publishing twice a week. Then I cut back to one. Then I tried doing a Happy Monday video as well as a written post every week. Guess what? With me working full-time, that was too much of a commitment too. So I am back to once a week. I think the only ones who really notice if I mix up my schedule are a couple of people who know I publish on Tuesdays and check in every Tuesday (mostly family). I thoroughly enjoy your blog, watching your journey and learning from your insights. However, I agree there is an ocean of online content, and unless we’re trying to become influencers, we just go along doing our thing for the small audiences that we have…and for ourselves. I’m sorry to hear that #MLSTL is going away. It has been at the center of my blogging engagement for the past 2.5 years. Thank you for providing that service.

  8. I feel pressured if I don’t post a blog once a week but sometimes life just gets in the way. I write when inspiration hits so I can post between zero and three posts a week! Not very organised, but some blog articles take a lot longer than others. Link ups and email notifications are the way I find out new blogs have been published. I think it’s good to take a break once in a while. Blogging takes up so much of my time.

    • Wow, I’m impressed Christina that you can write up to three posts a week. I also rely on link-ups, and to a lesser degree, email notifications. In addition, I tend to check in on bloggers who have recently commented on my blog. Enjoy your week! Happy blogging!

  9. I once took a month off a blogging to look at what I was doing and decide on a new framework. Since then, every once in awhile I take a week off. Just because I feel like it. After the month long break, taking a week or two doesn’t scare me. Sometimes it’s just a relief.

  10. I used to post twice a week until life forced me to cut back. Now I rarely post even once per week. It’s not that I don’t have things to write about as I find myself writing in my head all the time. Sometimes it simply takes more energy than I have to give. I prefer a schedule but I have to be realistic. I have also taken a planned break from time to time. I do notice if someone I follow doesn’t post for a while but I would never notice if it were just one week.

    • Hello Linda. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s so interesting to hear how everyone approaches their blogging a little differently. It would appear that most do take occasional breaks and few are on a strict publishing schedule.

  11. I notice if someone is gone from blogging, but not just at one week. It takes me a couple of weeks to notice if someone has been regularly posting… kinda slow on the uptake I guess. I’ve seen many folks switch frequency, and quite a few now blog only when inspiration strikes. I do get email notification when my “fav” bloggers post; some word-press bloggers I have set for weekly notification. And I love MLSTL to catch up with folks and see new people. I rarely go looking for people, unless I think my notification system is messed up.

    I try for a weekly post. But I’ve also skipped when I’ve got nothing ready to post. I tend to write and re-write; I am not the write and post immediately blogger. Sometimes I get on a roll and craft 2-3 blog posts at one sitting. And I never, ever beat myself up for missing a week of posting. Right now, I am posting on Sunday evenings. Not sure why – just got into the habit I guess.

    • Well, Pat, it sounds like we are similar in our approach to blogging, except I’m just now figuring out there is no reason to pressure myself into never missing a week. I like writing most on the weekends, letting it sit on Monday, and then publishing on Tuesday morning. I primarily use MLSTL and comments on my own blog for finding other bloggers’ posts. I’m going to miss #MLSTL for sure. Have a great week. Happy writing!

  12. Hi Christie, I’m always intrigued by how others blog and their systems for doing so. I used to be a more spontaneous blogger but now I’m more into s sort of fluid schedule. I don’t beat myself up if I miss a week or a regular post like my Wordless Wednesday and I honestly don’t think others miss it when i don’t post! Like you I need breaks away every now and again. It can be time consuming and take over if I let it, reading, commenting sharing and then trying to write my own posts! I usually use the reader in WordPress but end up missing a lot. I then go looking for my favourite bloggers to see what they’ve been up to. I had to disable the email notifications as I just got too overwhelmed. I try to schedule posts these days but only a few days ahead, I’m not organised enough to do posts months ahead like some people! I wrote a similar post last year asking how people blog and was surprised at the responses, I always learn so much form others. Thanks for the reminder and I hope your well is now running again and you enjoyed your break. Welcome back. #mlstl

    • Thank you, Deb, for sharing your experience. I found it interesting that you went from spontaneous to somewhat more scheduled. I’m hearing from a lot of people that they went the other direction. I’m with you on the email notifications, I gave those up, as it became overwhelming. Now I rely on #MLSTL and comments on my own blog. I’m curious to see what will happen to engagement when #MLSTL goes away. I hope I can keep the connections I’ve built. It may take a little more effort on my part. It’s definitely worth it! I hope you and Essie are doing well! 😁

  13. Hi Christie, I used to publish my blog posts according to a schedule, but then ‘life’ got in the way, and also I felt like I would be a better writer if I was writing when I felt like it and not according to the schedule. I don’t notice when other bloggers write on a schedule, I just get the email notification, or visit their blog because I’ve thought about them. I also love the link parties, it’s like Christmas sometimes, seeing all the gifts of blog posts ready for me to ‘unwrap’! 🙂

    • Now that you’ve tried it both ways, Cheryl, do you prefer one way over the other? Does it seem like changing to a more flexible schedule has changed the way you write? I like the link parties too and will miss #MLSTL. What other link parties do you like?

      • I really prefer the way I do it now, when I’ve got something to write I’ll write. It’s easier to write when you’re not being held to a deadline, and I think that makes my writing better, maybe more authentic. I like Grammy’s Grid, it’s interesting, and I frequent Blogger’s Pitstop from time to time. And I’m looking for some others that will fit my blog style and content. 🙂

  14. Yes, I notice when a blog I follow doesn’t post on schedule and although I follow them on social media, it’s their email notices that keep me informed. No, I don’t post on a set schedule except for the blog parties.

  15. Jennifer Jones

    Christie, I’ve shared many of your feelings since covid struck and forced us into isolation. It has made me think about my blogging and my intentions behind it. I have a vague schedule, that is, it’s my schedule all being well. No we are in covid times, I’ve taken time out as I’ve needed to and haven’t stressed about it. I don’t really notice when other bloggers take time out, until they come back. Time flies by so quickly that they are usually back before I realise.

    • Time does fly Jennifer, even with COVID it seems. Each Sunday as a new week starts, it seems I’m always a little surprised that we’re here again already. I hope your week is a lovely one!

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