1. Cindy

    TRX sounded interesting to me. Is that offered at a gym? I mainly power walk (and run a little) in the warm weather, and switch to indoor workouts including cardio and weights in the cold months. About the time I really get really tired of one it’s time to switch.

    • Yes, a TRX class is offered at the Murray Park Center. I haven’t tried it. I regularly cycle between exercise routines as well, but I’m finding a few days in to the next routine, I’m getting bored. I want to try something completely new, and I’m thinking a class of some sort to keep my motivation up.

  2. Hi, Christie – Great post! My favourite exercises are those that serve a double purpose. Since I live in a small town, I walk almost everyone in town for transportation (as opposed to driving). I also am part of two Walking Groups — that nicely combine social and exercise. My husband and I also just returned from a 44-day trekking holiday. After this trek, I swear I have never been more fit. My challenge now is how to maintain that increased fitness. I look forward to reading more of your posts for additional ideas!

  3. I love to run everyday before going to work, looks like mixing these exercises will keep you motivated all the way.. Gonna give it a try just to focus and continue with my workout habit..


    • I agree, walking is great. You move with little chance of injury and no need for expensive gear (except good shoes), and you get to spend time outdoors. I wish you much beautiful fall walking weather!

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