1. These are both very inspiring lists, Christie . Even though I have no idea how it can be autumn already!
    BTW – You left out “Guest Host on another blog”! 🙂 I look forward to that post coming out soon!

  2. Given that it’s Spring on my side of the world, I’m thinking of borrowing your watermelon jalapeño margarita idea. I also love how you have a whole category for joy. May your Fall be full of joy…

  3. You did well with your Summer bucket list Christie and at least you did some running. Of course it is much easier in cooler weather to run. I love the idea of jigsaw puzzles. Where my MIL lives in the aged care facility, one of the men just loves huge jigsaw puzzles. He takes hours to complete them and then the staff take a photo of him with his masterpiece – so lovely. I love the Fall colours in North America and have enjoyed them when we visited a couple of years ago. Enjoy your Fall bucket list and I will enjoy reading about it.

    • Thank you Sue. Now our weather has turned wet and windy, so I’m still forced inside to run (maybe I am too picky with what I find acceptable outdoor running conditions). Still, I am running again, so that’s good. My mother does some beautiful puzzles as well. I’ve thought about it for awhile, and have maybe resisted because part of me sees it as “old lady” activity, but I loved them as a child, so why can’t it be getting in touch with my inner child? Either way, I’m doing it! Good luck with your spring list; I’ll be following along.

  4. Christie, I love the jigsaw puzzle idea! You’ve inspired me to add that to my Thanksgiving shopping list as a fun activity for the family. And I’m a bit envious at how gorgeous hiking in your local mountains must be in the fall.

    And I so agree that creating these seasonal lists has really added something special to my life even if we sometimes bite off a bit more than we can chew!

    • Thanks Tamara. It is beautiful here in the fall, but it’s usually brief. We’re already starting to get a little snow in the higher mountains. I better get the hike in soon. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Hi doll! Thank you for joining in. I sure like the way you divide your bucket lists into categories. I do that in my head but haven’t remembered to follow your good lead and actually list the items that way on my posts.

    Wish we could work a jigsaw puzzle together. Every year I suggest doing that to my PC and every year he poo-poos it. Where will you set up your puzzle so it is accessible but not in the way? I even bought a special puzzle ‘blanket’ to work the puzzles on that would also allow me to kind of fold them up when I need to move them out of the way. But it’s not much fun doing it by myself. Will be anxious to read how you do yours.

    I fell down on running this summer, too. Have had some kind of mysterious right leg issues that complain when I run. Hoping fall will be a better season for workouts and fitness.

    Hope you will bump the margarita into fall and share with us when you taste it. I am fairly certain that is an adult beverage I would love.

    • First of all, Leslie, thanks for bringing us together to share our bucket lists. It has been great fun getting to know more bloggers, and it has encouraged me to try things I may not have otherwise.

      A few years ago, I bought my mother a puzzle board with drawers for the loose pieces. I’m thinking of getting something like that so that I can move the puzzle out of the way when I’m not working on it. I haven’t completely thought it through, but I will keep you posted. I am hoping my children and grandchildren might jump in when they are visiting. We’ll see.

      I hope your leg is feeling better soon. Have you found some other form of physical activity in the meantime? I’m really feeling the urge to try something new–not give up running, but supplement it with something that gets me excited about working out again.

      I’m not certain if the watermelon margarita is available in fall, but I am certain I will resurrect this item on a future bucket list. In the meantime, I’ll toast you with a fall drink soon.


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