1. Good luck on your 10k training schedule! We all need to practice mindful eating! And we all need some joy in our lives. Snow, mud, and cold – yuck! Yay, you completed the BlogAid SEO workshops! I’m still trying to get thru it. Have fun in Mazatlan!

  2. Congratulations on your great success with your Spring Bucket List. You are very inspiring! Topping it off with a trip to Mazatlan is wonderful icing on the cake!!

  3. Once the 10km becomes a habit, there will be no stopping you, Christie. I try to have two meals a day though it depends on how much walking I do and my mood!! Losing weight is an ongoing battle. #MSTL

  4. Your bucket list is inspiring, Christie! I’ve seen pics of your runs on Instagram! I remembe those running days! Your upcoming trip to Mazatlan really sounds wonderful! Visiting from #MLSTL today!

    • Hello Terri. I do love running outdoors, but I’ve become less enamored with indoor running on the track or treadmill. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with my 10K training. I am so looking forward to Mazatlan. Counting down.

  5. Hi Christie, Hal Higdon has been a running guru for many years. I was surprised to see his name again. I followed his training schedules many years ago. Good for you! The mindful eating is an interesting concept. Especially when you say, one meal a day. You are very inspirational, Christie. You remind me how writing down your thoughts and goals helps with accountability and behaviours:) Erica

    • Hello Erica. Even though I have run several 10Ks, I like Hal Higdon’s novice training schedule, because you don’t run every day, which allows me to continue Orangetheory Fitness, race training, and still have a life. Ideally I would eat every meal mindfully, but I’m not there yet. I know some days I’m going to rush through lunch, and breakfast is typically eaten while I write. Dinner is the one time, I commit to slowing down and focusing on the meal. If you decide to write out your goals as a bucket list, we’d love to have you join us for the Summer Bucket List Link-up on June 21.

  6. You’re going great Christie – I might start trying some mindful eating – my husband and I often comment on how quickly we eat dinner. We do say grace before our meal so the thankfulness part it there, but the pause and chew part could probably use some work! Good on you for upping your exercise level even more. I’m nowhere near that level of fitness, but I’m trying to move more and eat less in my goat towards losing 10kg over the next year or so.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Hi Christie. I hadn’t heard of Mazatlan so had to google it. Looks like a wonderful place for a holiday. I really enjoy reading about your bucket list #MLSTL Happy to share

      • Good morning Jennifer. My husband and I kind of stumbled upon Mazatlan when we were looking for someplace to go when another vacation plan fell through. That was four years ago. We’ve been back six times since then. Needless to say, we love it, and we’ve made some good friends there. Thanks as always for stopping by. Have a lovely day!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Leanne. One benefit of slow, mindful eating is you eat less and enjoy it more. That sounds like it would fit in well with your health goal. Thanks again for hosting #MLSTL. I always enjoy it.

    • Thank you Debbie. At one point, I had decided to set the book aside until I retired and “had more time.” I’m glad I didn’t. It’s exciting to be moving forward. And, of course, we can barely contain our excitement over our trip.

  7. Well done on preparing for a 10km Christie and as long as you are consistent with your training missing a run here and there won’t hurt. Don’t forget to do some cross training as well to give you strength. We have now been in our apartment for two months and you have inspired me to make our balcony a haven. We are lucky to have an ocean view so spending time there sitting in the winter sunshine is very soothing. I like your Speech Challenge but it is hard to remember sometimes isn’t it? Have a fabulous holiday and thank you for sharing at #MLSTL. xx

    • Thanks for the running advice, Sue. I’ve built strength training and yoga into my training schedule. Congratulations again on your new apartment with the ocean view. That is amazing. As much as I love our mountains, I wouldn’t mind waking up to the ocean. Right speech is an ongoing practice with me–practice, not perfect, right? Enjoy your day! I hope you get some patio time.

  8. I too spent a lovely warm spring day on the patio reading a book….and trying not to feel guilty as neighbors were all doing yard work. It happened to be a Saturday. My yard work had been done earlier in the week, a benefit of being retired is doing a bit of stuff each day and not having a lovely Saturday afternoon filled up with back soreness from mulching for hours!

    • You shouldn’t feel guilty at all, Pat! You’ve earned the luxury of reading on the patio. Right now we hire someone to do our yard work, so I can enjoy what leisure time I have being leisurely. However, I look forward to puttering around in the yard myself after retirement.

  9. Great job, Christie!! You should be just a little more than a week away from the family excursion to Mexico. Lucky YOU!

    Add the 10K to summer’s list. You’ve done the ground work so you can jump right in with it.

    Hoping that surely you can get into Hawkes Landing by the time you return from Mazatlan. This spring has been more like late winter in so many places. Our March winds have carried on through May with gust-o!

    • You are correct, Leslie. We are 10 days away from our trip and everyone is getting so excited! Even more so, with this crazy weather, which as you pointed out, is more like late winter than spring. Thanks for the encouragement on the 10K. I’m sure you will see it on my summer bucket list.

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