1. Fun playing with words. I had to laugh as I love the same kind of ice cream! But my favorite yoga pose is a Warrior 2 flow. I had never considered it before, but it is. Fav food – pasta, all kinds. Animal – my own dog, Taylor. Fav drink – good red wine… because life is to short too drink bad wine. Unfortunately, I’m not a music person so rallying song was impossible to pick, so not getting all the points. But the whole thing did make me smile! Happy Weekend.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Pat. It sounds like we have a few things in common. I like a good red wine and Warrior 2. I’m surprised you don’t care for music. We can still be friends though. ?

  2. Random things I am grateful for:

    Fleece – A good outerwear choice for Canadian Spring and Fall seasons
    Roses – the roses are blooming gloriously on our backyard rose arbour
    Internet – For connecting people across geographical distances
    Dog walking group – a great Thursday morning activity that gets Kate and me out walking on local trails, while having a chance to socialize with other dog-owning women
    Art – creative expression that is beautiful to the senses, and comments on the world
    Yellow – I like the colour yellow and it appears in many of my paintings


  3. This was a fun post, Christie and one I might try in the future. I love that yoga post too especially after a long run. I lean forward into it and just get such a good stretch! I now know what Moose Trax ice cream is – I’ve never heard of that before. Hope you are having a great weekend xx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Sue. I too lean forward when doing the pigeon pose to get a delicious stretch. Moose Trax could well be an American thing. We do love our ice cream loaded with candy! I hope you have a wonderful week!

      • Yes it is certainly one of my favourite stretches. Moose Trax is definitely not in Australia but I’ve learned something new. Have a great day, Christie! xx

  4. I remember seeing the watermelon jalapeño margarita photo before and wanting to snatch it straight off my computer monitor to drink! I am certain I would love every drop!

    Will give the pigeon pose a go at the gym. We have begun spending time stretching…something new to us…and it looks like the ultimate stretch!

    Fave ICE CREAM: Cookie dough Blizzard or rocky road
    Fave ANIMAL(S): My Purrsimmony and Purrsnickitty
    Fave DRINK: Your watermelon jalapeño margarita, I am that confident I would love it!

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