1. Heidi

    Jimmie and I actually had a day off together for Labor Day. It was so much fun being together as a family. We took a walk around Silver Lake, went to the park and ate icecream at Coldstone.

  2. Shawn Park

    The time for PS is here. Lattes, muffins, hot chocolate and now they have pumpkin spice peeps. Yes, those marshmallow globs you get at Easter, with soul-less eyes. Btw, I eat the eyes first.

  3. Larry

    FYI I tried to respond and it wouldn’t let me either 🙂
    Thanks for the great weekend at Hawkes Landing, and for sharing our new “meal in a box” adventure! People looking for new things to do should at least give it a try! New ideas, new foods!

  4. Marikyn

    The highlight of my last week (not this week) was having lunch with Christie at Stella’s! It was great catching up with the best boss I ever had.

  5. Ryan McLelland

    Highlight of the week so far for me was a hike up to Stewart Falls with Tiff and the kids. Also the fact that we’ve made it to Friday is a pretty good highlight.

    To go along with your Photography book take a look at this Christie:


    A Stanford professor has released his entire digital photography course/lectures for free. It’s pretty interesting so far. He goes into more technical detail than may be 100% necessary but I’ve liked what I have watched so far.

  6. Cindy

    The best part of my week was a long Sunday morning walk with a friend, seeing both my grand babies and mom, as well as getting 2 new books in the mail!

    We need a new family photo now that my family is growing….let me know when your ready to do group pictures. XO

  7. Red Robin is one of Amara’s favorite places for us to take her to dinner. She and Grampy each get a shake for dessert and split them so they each get 2 shakes! Hope you’re having fun with your camera!

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