1. Great family and friends photos Christie – I rarely take photos (not on IG and rarely post personal stuff on FB) so I’m grateful I only do one post a month about my life – I can usually rustle up a photo or two after a few weeks of not taking any. I bet you enjoyed your trip down memory lane – we might see a few more emerging if we stay isolated for more months ahead…

    • Thanks Leanne. It was fun looking through old memories. I’m looking forward to making some more in the not-too-distant future. I was thinking back to when we were young and the old cameras. Taking the film in to be developed…waiting for the results and hoping at least some turned out good. When one-hour photo places started popping up, that was exciting!

  2. Cindy

    I love these pictures! I especially like the one of you at Ice Castles.

    I’m grateful for balance. I’ve been struggling with vertigo. I’ve never experienced this and it really affects everything you do. (Or can’t do.) I’m also thankful for doctors, and especially the ones that saved Hannah 7 years ago.

    • Hi Christie/Cindy, I hope I’m not out of line here but have you tried the Epley Maneuver? It absolutely changed my life. My physical therapist suggested it and did the first treatment in her office. You might want to ask a medical professional to assist and you definitely should not do it alone.


      Christie, I love all your photos this week. Such fun to walk down memory lane. The napping children on the bench is a favorite.

    • I hope you are feeling better, Cindy. I’ve had mild vertigo before, and that’s no fun. I can’t imagine severe. I, too, am so grateful for doctors and scientists. And I am grateful that we still have Hannah and you and JoJo. I am grateful that you are fighters and that you had the tools you needed to beat cancer.

  3. Great pictures – I couldn’t pick a fav!

    Your (usual) gratitude post photos have inspired me to try and take photos more often so I was pleased to see my most recent photo was my “Christmas Cactus” already in bloom. Yes, it was a “things I’m grateful for” item that day as well.

    But what I am continuing to be grateful for today is a comfortable home and full pantry in this continued time of stay-at-home. We continue to be healthy as well, mostly because we have the luxury of being able to social distance and the mindset to reduce risk for ourselves and others. I am grateful that most of my friends and family have same mindset (not all…. I do worry about some taking higher risks than I think is prudent.)

    • Thank you Pat. I’m always happy to hear that I could inspire someone in any small way. I am grateful for you and your support of my blog for these five years. I too am grateful for a comfortable home, plentiful food and supplies, and a job I can do from home…everything I need to socially distance in relative comfort. I am grateful for good health and a strong body and mind (most days 😉). Take care of yourself!

  4. Liz Gwynn

    Love the pictures!! The subject in my last photo taken was Elsie. She is the subject of my photos about 98% of the time.
    I’m grateful for a functioning and strong body. Kevin threw his back out and has been in terrible pain and unable to walk. I have had to take on a lot more with caring for him and Elsie, along with just the usual stuff that needs to be done, but I’m glad that my body is able to do it, even if I’m exhausted.
    I hope you’ve been enjoying your social media break! I’ve cut down on my social media a ton in the last couple of months, and I have really loved it actually. It’s just enough to feel connected, but not taking so much of my free time.

    • Hello Liz! I’m not surprised most of your photos are of Elsie. She is such a doll…and so photogenic! I’m sad that we won’t get to see her…or you…this Christmas. I hope it is full of joy, and next year, we’ll make up for lost time. I’m sorry to hear about Kevin’s back. I hope he is back on his feet soon. I, too, am grateful for a strong, healthy body. I was surprised how easy it was for me to stay away from social media. I did have to send Ashley a pic of my first holiday Starbucks cup…because someone has to know that stuff! Which makes me realize I did take a picture this month. I must have deleted it. Enjoy your holidays. Stay safe. And kiss Elsie for me! I love you.

      • Liz Gwynn

        I really am so heartbroken about the holidays this year, and not being able to be all together. Just think how exciting next year will be!
        I hope Kevin is on his feet again soon as well. It’s not looking good at this point, but I’m hoping he’ll turn a corner soon.
        And yay for holiday cups at Starbucks! It’s the little things, especially right now… So I’m glad you could still share that with Ashley!
        I love you so!

    • Thanks Janis. I was so surprised to go to my camera and find the last pic was more than a month ago. Now I remember I did take one pic to send to my daughter…a Starbucks holiday cup…but I must have deleted it afterwards.

  5. Love the post-mud run photo, Christie. 3 beautiful women!!! The bubble blowers are adorable.

    Today, I am grateful for my macaroni and cheese recipe. My very picky-eater grandson ate seconds and thirds of it tonight. He asked me to give the recipe to his dad so they could make it at home! 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. That mud run was a fun day with two of my daughters. We’d never done it before and had no idea what to expect. It was definitely challenging, especially getting home without getting mud all over the vehicle! We laughed a lot. The girls in the bubble-blowing photo are 14 and 15 now. The blond has her learner’s permit! I love that story about your grandson wanting you to give the mac & cheese recipe to his dad. Of course, it’s the grandma’s love that is the special ingredient!

  6. I can’t imagine not taking a photo for a few days, let alone a few weeks. I’m a little obssessed. Love the kids all piled over each other. Last one I took were of an exhibition I went to – the year in cartoons!

  7. Oh my goodness, last Tuesday of the month already? It is getting more and more common to take social media breaks. I refer to this as unplugged. I can see why these are eleven favourite photos. Exceptionally cute and make me smile. And, tear at my heartstrings……..the three of them sleeping on that bench!

    November 24th happened to be our wedding anniversary. Grateful. Major leak/water in the family room is how we spent the day. Grateful for the plumber. Happy Thanksgiving, Christie. I always enjoy your posts!

    • Congratulations on your anniversary Erica! Too bad you had a water leak. Still as you said, we can be grateful for plumbers and other experts to help us through these challenges. Here’s to a happy December!

  8. Oh, Christie, I hope you will frame some of these GORGEOUS photos and give them as Christmas gifts. You have so perfectly captured the best things about life…family and LOVE, and simple but unforgettable moments. What were you gals up to – running in a race? – in the tutus and mud? That tangle of grandbabies dozing is so precious. The little girls in the first photos…the looks on their faces. The sunset. The beach dancer. I love them all. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face on this chilly Saturday afternoon. You have a great eye.

    • Thank you for those kind words, Leslie. Yes, two of my daughters and I did the Dirty Dash, a mud run that is more mud than running. It’s a kind of obstacle course. We had such a fun time. That was several years ago. I am glad you enjoyed the photos…I sure enjoyed the memories.

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