1. New beginnings…what a great way to think about spring. This week I went a bit crazy with shopping. Oh dear. I’m not usually a shopper! But, new pillows and sheets (a great spring thing), mulch for the yard, a new chair for the living room (on my to do list for 4 months), tarot cards (new learning thing), new bras (post breast cancer thing), and a FitBit (inspired by a few blogging buddies exercise programs). Whew. I think I need to stop my new beginnings!

    Love the little girls hair…wish I had such skill! Yours looks super cute too. (My one inch trim doesn’t count as new hairstyle…nor can I braid like your granddaughter.,..no hair things on my spring bucket list!)

  2. Cindy

    I had my first sleepover with my grandson Dax whose in first grade. We had lots of fun and now we’re headed to the dinosaur museum!

  3. Hi, Christie – I also love the new beginnings that the Easter Season brings. Your new hairstyle is adorable. I look forward to following your Spring adventures!

  4. I had my hair cut a little shorter recently and I like the change. Spring seems like a great time to try something different like that (although I’m not sure my husband noticed anything different… but he’s a boy). I really envy your wavy hair!

    Spring is definitely in the air here and we are enjoying the warmer weather. I’m not sure I did anything “new” but I enjoyed a beach walk with good friends – that made me smile for sure!

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