• Thanks Donna. If I get any more relaxed, I may have a hard time making it back to work on Monday. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the guest post too. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in the series.

      • Hi Christie,

        I just found your blog through Donna’s guest post! Nice to find another super organizer! We’re not to far into the Encore Voyage, and have learned many, many things! When you start the actual “wade in” you are going to find that the waters are a bit scary, but freakin’ awesome!

  1. Liz Gwynn

    What beautiful pictures! One of my highlights from this week was actually getting up into mountains to see the changing leaves as well! I haven’t been able to spend much time doing that this year, so it felt extra special!

  2. Larry

    I have followed in your foot-“steps” which means I haven’t moved much either, but that’s what vacation is all about , right?. A week at our favorite home away from home has been very therapeutic. The trees that were once full of fall colors have become the victim of the winds that flow through the canyons valleys, and now are piled on the ground. The hummingbirds that whizzed by our heads to gather at the red sugar feeder, along with “Old Man” Squirrel that feeds from the birdseed placed in the oak tree outside our patio have all but gone getting ready for winter.
    Enjoying the smell and the sight of a roaring fire, keeping warm inside while the cold sits on the other side of the glass window.
    And got to enjoy a few Yahtzee games letting Christie win on her birthday.

    Yep, it has been a great week! Thanks for letting me share with you Chris!

    • It truly has been a lovely week. I agree with everything you said, except the part about you “letting” me win at Yahtzee. Anyone who knows you knows better than that. You don’t let anyone win. I, in fact, was unbeatable! 🙂

  3. Since we don’t get the big changing of the colors here in SoCal, I always welcome pictures of places that do. Nice quotes (I especially liked the one by Camus) and yummy looking cake!

  4. I love that quote from Lucy Maud Montgomery. Yes, October is such a pretty month and certainly one of my favourites … in spite of the unpredictability of the weather. As your photos show, Nature is showing off her grand finery before she settles into winter.

  5. Hi Christie, I read your blog on Donna’s site and hopped on over. I smiled when I read your “about” page, because I saw we used the exact same phrase– “Just the facts” in our write ups.

    Your post on Donna’s blog was lovely, and thoroughly enjoyable reading.

  6. I absolutely enjoy Autumn so colourful, and generally, the weather is a bit more settled and cooler nights for a better sleep. Love the photos, Christie.

  7. Your photos of autumn are beautiful and restful. Like Suz said before me, the colors and weather are wonderful at this time of year. We have yet to see our trees turn color, but no doubt they will. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say “hi!”

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