1. Heidi

    Last week on our walk along Jordan River, we saw a pelican. It was huge! Have you seen it on your runs?

    • That’s amazing. I’m not sure I’ve seen a pelican there. I’ll keep my eyes open for one now though. Did it scare AnnaLynn? I know her love for large birds. 😉

  2. Liz Gwynn

    2 of the highlights from my busy week have been: 1) a lovely, impromptu walk with my little family after a student cancelled last minute. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. It was gorgeous and warm outside. Eloise could have her bare feet out and I got time to talk with my hubby (he’s been really busy working on a big project at work). And 2) My choir is preparing for our spring concerts, and this week we got to rehearse with the bluegrass band we’ll be performing with. They sound awesome and I’m so excited!!!
    As a side note, Kevin and I tried the baked bear a few weeks ago, and it really is so decadent and delicious!!

    • Liz Gwynn

      Btw, I have been all caught up in how hard this week has been… So I almost didn’t even post a response to your blog post. but then, I used it as an opportunity to be grateful, and I realized there were actually some great things this week still. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Larry

    I got to spend time with our two oldest grandsons, Keaton and Ryelee. (And you, grandma) and it was amazing to sit at dinner and talk and listen to how their lives are! Not long ago we would talk about playing in the pool , riding bikes in the neighborhood , now our oldest is learning to become an airline pilot and Ryelee wants to join the Marines! They are growing to fast!
    And of course getting ready to officially open Hawkes Landing. Sunshine and warmth are here and it’s time to enjoy!

  4. Cindy

    I’ve seen the pelican too, Heidi-so cool! This week my son graduated from college, my daughter got engaged and my other daughter is due in 2 weeks! Life is good ?

  5. Courtney

    I loved celebrating Emerys Birthday and enjoying football practices with Kanyen! Braxton has been upset about the jazz… but that’s not in our control! Lol! Happy Weekend! Love ya!

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