1. Hi, Christie – I love your positive attitude when your area was filled with snow. We just had snow as well and my thoughts were far less….kind! I must add that I believe that snow and peppermint go well together, so you definitely have the right oil in your new gadget!

    • To be honest, appreciation of the beauty was not my first reaction, but by the time my sweet husband had our walks cleared and the city had the roads plowed, I was able to be a little more generous in my appreciation. And you’re right, snow and peppermint do go together! I hadn’t thought of that. 🙂

  2. Hi Christie,

    I’ve been coveting one of those diffusers for a while now. Does it work very well in a large room, say a living-room?

    The sangha gathering sounds wonderful. I’m not particularly religious but I really like the idea of quietly gathering together in shared spirituality like that.

    • Welcome Tonya. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The diffuser I bought is small, but does a nice job for my room. I think it would be sufficient for a living room, but I also know they have larger more powerful ones available. Like you, I am not particularly religious, and sangha was perfect for me.

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