1. Wow, you did great! I love that you had a Me Day, and agree that it’s a wonderful idea! I usually have 2 a year, one on my birthday and one mid-way through the year. So much progress on the new house too! I’m hoping to get my puzzle out for December 🙂

  2. Terribly behind on my blog reading. So happy with all you accomplished on your fall activities. Hope you will share the experiences you are giving for Christmas. I have more or less instituted the same thing for the adults in our family. Going to try to stick to the 5 gifts idea for my grands.
    You guys have just run with this winter home project. Lovely colors and textures you have selected. Do you have a time line for when it will be finished? By this time next year maybe?
    Glad you enjoyed your pedicure. I am long overdue one myself.

    • Thanks Leslie. I can tell you some of the experience gifts we are giving. Two families asked for season passes to Lagoon (a local amusement park). One family is going to Hawaii, so we bought them tickets to a luau. One daughter asked for a lift pass to a local ski resort, and one grandson is taking guitar lessons. We are moving forward with the house; we’re waiting for the permits now. The house is expected to be complete this summer. We won’t be able to spend a lot of time there right away, but we will make some trips there, and allow our family to use it as well.

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