1. Hi Christie, thanks for your happy smile and positive words. We too are more connected by various forms of social media and wonder why we haven’t done this before! I’m aware of the increase in ‘screen time’ but am not worrying about that due to the other benefits. I’m enjoying the autumn sunshine here and we had some rain on the weekend which was needed. We live on a large property so have lots of space around us and can get out and exercise on our newly opened rail trail, so all in all, it’s going OK. #mlstl

    • I’m happy to hear that you are getting outdoors, Deb, and making use of that lovely trail. Isn’t technology wonderful? I can’t imagine if this had happened before the internet. Speaking of which, I’m quite impressed at how the internet has been handling all this added traffic–at least in my area. Take care and stay safe!

  2. Hi Christie, thank you for your positivity and cheer. I’m actually enjoying the new types of connection. Sure, there’s stuff that I’m missing, but I’m loving the creativity that comes with living more simply for a time. I’m seeing more people on my afternoon walks than I’ve seen before and while I’m disappointed with the behaviour of some people at our local beach (regulars who should know better) by and large I’m smiling and saying helo (from a social distance) to more people than we usually do. #MLSTL

    • Hello Joanne. That has been my experience as well. People by and large are keeping their distance physically, but seem to be reaching out emotionally more than ever. I am enjoying certain aspects of this time as well. I’ve been lucky, though, my job can be done from home, and my family is all healthy so far. The thing I miss the most is hugging my children and grandchildren.

  3. When we are taking our neighborhood walks, people we’ve passed – from a significant social distance – have usually smiled or waved (way more than before). It’s kind of an acknowledgement that we are all in this together and we wish each other good health.

    • That is the same impression I got, Janis, the acknowledgement that we are all in this together. And we are…not just the pandemic, but all of life’s sorrows, joys, hopes, and fears. I hope we can hang on to this feeling of togetherness.

  4. Hi, Christie – I completely agree. While this crisis is horrible, the kindness, generosity and creativity of others has shone through clearly.
    Hope that you and your family are well.

    • Hello Donna. We are doing well. So far we have all of our basic needs met…except for grandchildren hugs. Spring is here, and we had a beautiful full super moon last night. Something about this staying at home seems to have put me more in tune with nature. I hope you and your family are also well.

  5. Hi Christie, yes I’ve seen some benefits – people are finding new ways to connect to each other and I see families out for their daily exercise in droves. I’ve always walked our dogs daily and I know all the regulars, and now so many more dogs are getting daily walks which is great. I just hope the owners don’t stop once their lives go back to normal. As a nurse I’ve seen good and bad – we’ve copped a lot of abuse from people who are worried that we’ll infect them (whereas in fact we’re so aware of hygiene and disease transmission that we’re the last people to carry virus’ around), but we’ve also seen people finally recognise us for the work we do and we’ve had a lot of generosity and thanks directed towards us. Thanks for your post – it’s very thought provoking

    • It is interesting, Christina, how this pandemic has driven people outside. Like you, I hope those habits continue…that we hold on to some of what we’ve learned from all this. Of course, there has been some negative behavior, like all the hoarding of basic supplies. I admire the work you do as a nurse and find it so hard to believe that anyone would treat you poorly when you are trying to help them. I’m sad to hear that. I have a sister and a daughter that are both nurses too. Thank you for your life-saving work. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

  6. Hi Christie – I’ve noticed the same thing about people saying “hi” and giving eye contact more these days when I’m out walking. I was starting to despair that everyone was zoned out and either looking at or listening to, their phones. I love that people are appreciating the privilege it is to be able to walk outside in nature and are making the most of it.
    Lovely to see your happy face back online. x
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

    • Hello Leanne. You stated that perfectly…it is a privilege to be able to walk outside in nature. It makes me happy to see more people really mindful of the experience and enjoying it. I hope that feeling lasts. Thank you as always for the warm reception to my amateur video hour. Take care and stay safe!

  7. We are more restricted than you I think. I have noticed more people saying Good morning as well but also some people being very ready to snoop on their neighbours. My facebook feed is full of complaints of people sunbathing or playing ball. I think a lot of folk are scared that they will loose their jobs and we can see no sign of lock down ending.

    • I’m not sure Anne. We are under a stay at home order in my county. All non-essential businesses have been closed. I have seen some complaining about others as well. I’m willing to bet we are all scared to varying degrees. I am fortunate that my job is considered essential and that I am able to do it from home. I do miss physical contact with my extended family, and I worry about their health, especially my 92-year-old MIL. Overall, I am well and safe though, and I am grateful for that. I am also grateful for the increased kindness I have seen in the vast majority of people. I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy as well. Take care!

  8. I agree that when we might see another person walk by we are smiling or saying hello more these days. I don’t know where it started but I added 2 teddies in our front windows from our days with grandkids coming to stay and they are apparently something for kids to look for whilst they are socially distant. I admit I an enjoying getting out of the house for the essential of shopping. I miss my coffee and a sit down though!
    Denyse #mlstl

    • I love that you have teddies in the window. I just read an article about a neighborhood near me where many people put stuffed animals in their windows. The little ones take walks through the neighborhood with a parent and do sort of a scavenger hunt. What a sweet idea! I miss going out for coffee or meals as well. Take care and be safe!

  9. Always good to see your smiling face. I think people are making eye contact because they’re looking at you to make sure you keep a distance of at least 6 ft. You know due to my illness, sometimes I don’t leave the house for a week even two weeks at a time but lately I’ve been having the urge to go somewhere, anywhere but I can’t because everything is closed. I know we have to laugh about it or cry but I’d rather laugh – laughter is the best medicine! We just have to be safe and stay well and know that this will pass as nothing lasts forever!!

    • Ah, thank you Dee. As far as the reason for all the eye contact, you could be right. 🙂 I must say I see recognition in those eyes, a common understanding that we are in this together. Isn’t it funny how you might normally not go out anyway, but as soon as someone says you can’t, that’s all you want to do? That’s one reason diets are so problematic. Tell me I can’t eat sugar–that’s all I want! I’m glad you are able to laugh. It truly is the best medicine. Thank goodness for all the COVID-19 memes and parody songs. Take care of yourself and stay safe!

  10. Hi Christie, lovely video, thank you. As I moved to a new country just before being locked down, I don’t know what the people here in Romania are like, generally. Do they smile at others in the shop, are they polite, are they interested in their neighbours? I don’t know. But I do see that they are all these things right now. It’s nice to see and feel this lovely ‘neighbourhood’ vibe. If it’s like that usually, then all the better.

    My husband and I are getting along great, surprisingly! I love my ‘alone’ time, and he knows me well enough to allow me this during the day. But we have been having wonderful conversations over lunch, dinner, wine, that we didn’t use to have so often. So, for now, I’d say that this very restricted time is giving our relationship a bit of a boost!

    Take care and looking forward to your next video. 🙂 x

    • Hello Cheryl. What a crazy time to be in a new country. I hope your neighborhood vibe continues long after this crisis is over. I’m glad that you and your husband have found a happy combination of alone time and lovely conversations. At first, I was struggling working at home with my husband there. His work has slowed down considerably and he has time on his hands. But now we’ve set up my office downstairs, and it has created a little separation. I am able to focus better, and when I take lunch, I really look forward to eating together and visiting. I suspect all this together time will make or break some relationships. Let’s hope more are boosted than the other way around! Take care and stay safe!

  11. I too have found some really friendly contacts with people out and about, at a safe social distance, of course. And it’s been good finding bonding experienvces with our kids.Like shared programmes on TV and Netflix, which have become easier to share. #MLSTL

  12. For me, learning how to do things on-line more has been the big shift. Zoom and on-line yoga are both things I will continue to use after this is over. Our neighborhood doesn’t seem to be a big “get out & walk”. In fact, now that the weather is warming up, I’m seeing more on-the-porch large gatherings of folks chatting. At my once-every-2-week essentials grocery shop today (we are on Day 26), most people had on masks so there’s not much smiling to be seen. Which was emotionally challenging; I can home feeling very stressed. I am thankful that my home is comfortable, we have enough food to eat (and me to play with some new recipes), and I can connect virtually or via phone with people. I do appreciate all the front line workers for continuing to be there as well.

    • That’s great that you have some new-found joys that you can carry with you post-crisis. People in my area have just recently started wearing masks a lot. I do find it challenging not to be able to see smiles. I still smile at people and hope it shows in my eyes, but I also try to add a little head nod or a wave to be sure. One other note about masks, my daughter started making them and leaving them in public places for people to take for free. She posts the locations of the drop offs on our city’s community Facebook page. So many people offered to donate supplies, it was heartwarming. This daughter is a single mother and works full time. I am so proud of her for using her precious free time to volunteer in this way.

  13. Wise words, Christie “…consequences of social distancing is a closer social connection.” I would never have guessed this, except for experiencing this now. It is the kindness and respectful distance that touches me the most. Watching the best in humanity surface. I appreciate the “Happy” Monday, Christie. Keep it up. Take care and stay well.

  14. Hi Christie, I love that you have put your focus on being happy because despite isolation there are many examples of people still finding joy in each day. I too, have found that people seem friendlier with a smile and hello as we pass (with correct social distancing of course) on our walks. I also think people have become more social through technology and making the time to connect with family and friends. Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL and take care xx

    • Yes, thank goodness for technology Sue. I can’t even imagine going through this without texting, videoconferencing, and social media. I hope we remember these lessons on staying connected when life returns to “normal.”

  15. It’s wonderful to read this and see a little positivity amidst the dark times. I found your blog after you kindly commented on mine, so today I’m grateful for that! While social distancing and not going out is nothing new to me because of chronic illness, the inability to get the essentials has been very tough, not to mention the worry and the continual sadness at how many are suffering. I do think this time brings out the best and the worst in people. Sadly, I’ve not seen much in the way of kindness and togetherness in my local community, but that’s not surprising (I don’t live in a very nice place – it’s not the worst, but it’s not very nice and before the virus situation we were actually looking at moving). I have noticed it in the wider community, however. The clapping for the NHS, the way some people will be mindful and give one another extra room so as to keep their distance, rather than rushing and pushing. A little kindness can go a long way and the sense of being alone but not lonely is helped greatly I think thanks to technology; this situation would be a lot different without that.

    Stay safe & have a restful Easter weekend, Christie 😊
    Caz x

    • Hello Caz and welcome! I agree that challenging times bring out the best and the worst in people. I’m sorry that your local community isn’t as inviting as some. I couldn’t agree more about feeling grateful for technology. It’s hard to imagine how disconnected we would be without it. Happy Easter to you. Take care and stay safe!

  16. Hi Christie, I’m glad that you and your family are well. I’ve seen creativity, generosity and kindness both online and IRL so far. Let’s hope the positive behaviours continue after this crisis is over. Take care and be well! #MLSTL

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