1. HI, Christie – Your tips here are excellent. You’ve presented them in a way that makes them doable for most. I love your quote that “you cannot roll up your sleeves and wring your hands at the same” This illustrates your message perfectly! Great video!

  2. I have always liked the term “grace” since I believe it is a multi-layered word. I became a little choked up when I read what your granddaughter said about you. From the mouth of babes. ? You share many great gems/secrets. You remind me how the kindest, happiest people have gone through many challenges, yet choose to learn and move forward. An excellent post!

    • There is a lot of meaning packed in that little word, isn’t there Erica? I remember the day my daughter called and told me what Tessa had said about me. I got teary too. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. We’ve all been through some stuff, huh? At some point, hopefully, we learn to take it in stride and wring the joy out of life. Have a lovely week!

  3. The counselor I most recently visited with would ask me how many of the things I worry about are within my control. Pretty much a big fat ZERO. So I have to remind myself of that, then begin the good breathing you have reminded me to do. It makes such a difference, Christie. Truly. I have been doing it when I wake up stressed and worried. Or when I realize I am in a tizzy. Your Monday morning posts are part of why Mondays have begun special to me.

    • Wise advice from your counselor, Leslie. When I first really looked at what I worry about in light of whether it was within my control, it was shocking to realize how little of it really was. I haven’t been able to completely let it all go, but I’ve certainly gotten better at it. It helps to breathe, acknowledge my feelings about the situation, and then focus on what I can do. (Did I just condense a 5-minute video into three lines?) I hope you have a peaceful week.

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