1. Yes, I can relate to a lot of this. I’ve been doing ‘exercise’ too but not as much as I might have been previously and it’s catching up with me too. I have, however, just hopped on the exercise bike for a while watching the tele rather than lounging on the sofa. I’m trying to make the most of the days and actually don’t mind the quieter pace at all – just got to make sure to try to make the most of it.

    • I sometimes ride my stationary bike while I read, Christine. To be honest, I don’t push myself too hard, but at least I am moving. I’ve adjusted better than I thought I would to staying home, but I do miss my exercise classes.

  2. Cindy

    I’m sorry, I had to laugh at your description of putting on your capris! You are so much healthier (and in better shape) than most, please don’t be too hard on my sister. 🧡 My exercise routine hasn’t changed much because I’ve worked out to videos at home or gone speed walking for years. If anything I have more time because I’m out of work. We have been eating well because we have lots of time to think about and prepare meals.
    Although it’s dramatic, I did read a great article in the newspaper that said (according to a man that was a prisoner of war for 7 years) that it wasn’t the ones who counted the days until they were free that survived, it was the ones who learned to live while captured that survived.

    • Thank you, sister. I was more surprised than anything. I guess I just thought I was sticking closer to my usual habits than I actually was. I really miss my Orangetheory workouts, and I know I work harder when I have the energy of the group and the watchful eye of a coach. The example you gave of the prisoner holds a lesson for all of us. Though we may never go through something as horrific as that, we all go through hard times, and we will be more resilient and live fuller lives if we learn to truly live throughout all of it–not always waiting for something in the future. I love you and miss seeing you in person. XO

  3. Cindy

    Not to say what we’re going through is anywhere near as devastating as being a prisoner of war, just to say it will be easier to do this if we “live” now, and not wait for it to be over. The author and article were about coping with Covid-19.

  4. I can relate. I have actually been watching what I eat more as it all has to be bought on my one trip to the shops. I don’t just pop out for a bag of sugar. However I am missing exercising in a group. If it is just me I am less inclined to tackle a hill and I am running out of interesting places to go within walking distance. it is frightening how quickly it becomes the new normal.

    • I’m with you Anne. I am working out, but I know I push myself harder when I have the energy of the group and the encouragement of a coach. I miss my Orangetheory Fitness classes more than getting my nails done or having a massage even! Though to be honest, I miss it all and have a renewed appreciation for the people who provide those services for me.

  5. I think for now, worrrying about wieght is off the books. I think exercising for endorphins and eating a balance of the healthy to feel good (and stay healthy immune wise) is key. Everything else, if it keeps your spirits up, then good. Deal with it on the other side…unless you delight in focusing on it now and it makes you happy. #MLSTL (Note with depression they talk about good mood food and that’s the fruit and veg not the ice dream and chips – so I do think there needs to be enough of the good mood food to counter the junk)

    • I agree that feeling good and being healthy is the ideal focus, Lydia. I actually quit weighing myself about a year ago. I’ve made a conscious effort at focusing on health and trusting in intuitive eating. It is hard to shake a lifelong focus on body shape and size, but at age 58, I decided it was time I try! I love the idea that the good mood foods are actually those that fuel your body with nutrition. Here’s to fruits and vegetables–which I really do enjoy! I’m eating strawberries and banana slices, as I type this. 🙂 Take care and stay safe!

  6. Christie,

    It’s kinda true, I got into “staycation” mode for a bit. That combined with a little stress and some depression around this pandemic, I haven’t been paying attention as much to what I put in my mouth! A handful of chips here. A bowl of ice cream there. No biggy. But I’m doing it everyday instead of every week or so.

    I guess I just need to face the “new normal” (at least while it’s around).


    • Hello Allison. This is the new normal for now, and hopefully before too long, we’ll have another new normal that involves getting out and about and socializing in person. For me, the important thing to remember is every moment…even those where we are waiting for something…is part of the life experience. As a planner and a goal setter, I’ve always had the tendency to look too much to the future at the cost of not being mindful in the present. I wish you and yours good health, lots of laughter, and the occasional delightful bowl of ice cream!

  7. Hi Christie, I think that many of us went into ‘staycation’ mode but like you I need the consistency of healthy living in my life. I’m actually providing a free 7 day Eat Healthy for Life Challenge next week for FB readers. It is easy to fall into bad habits and not feel like doing anything but actually keeping our exercise routine (even if it is home workouts) plus healthy eating will not only help us physically but also mentally. Enjoy your next phase of isolation and thanks for sharing at #MLSTL. Take care. xx

    • Hi Sue! I’m glad to hear I’m in good company. In truth, the staycation mindset served me well initially. It was a legitimate mode of self-care, and I’ve felt pretty good. Now I’ve reached the point where taking it easy is making me restless. I feel a bit untethered. Our weather has turned cool and rainy. We may even get snow this week, so getting outdoors is minimal, which I’m sure doesn’t help. And all the sugar is not good for my immune system…which I really need right now. It’s time to get more disciplined all the way around. I’ll definitely check out the eating healthy challenge. I hope you and your family are doing well. I love seeing the beautiful photos you post on Facebook. Not a bad place to be “stuck at home.” 🙂 Take care and stay safe!

  8. Hi
    I so agree with this. My exercise is now a walk each day, nothing harder, and even then, some days my heart isn’t in it. Normally comfort food never even makes it into my house, but my last few shopping orders have included bags of sweets and snacks. I just find the whole thing so unsettling. I am retired, so it isn’t as though I went out to work, but I am normally a really creative person, and I really don’t feel the urge at the minute. However, as the weeks go by, I am finding it easier….
    I keep reminding myself to be thankful, I am in a comfortable home with a garden, I have walks just outside the door. I have food to eat.

    • Hello Erith. This is a difficult time for all of us in one way or another. I too remind myself often of how lucky I am. I have a job that I can do from home, and I have a comfortable home with plenty to eat–and a sufficient supply of toilet paper. 🙂 As of today, my family and I are all healthy. I am SO grateful for the technology to stay in touch. Of course, that said, it’s natural that we have feelings of sorrow and fear, and we don’t need to feel guilty about that or push those feelings away. They come and they go. Then I remind myself again how blessed I am. Take care and be safe! I hope your creativity returns soon.

  9. Hi Christie, I think many people will relate to your post. For me, the lockdown came at the same time as surgery for me so I’ve been recovering from that. I usually walk the dogs daily and I’ve been still doing that most times, albeit at a slower pace. It’s been lovely to see families out exercising around my neighbourhood – their dogs are enjoying a daily walk as well. I have been indulging in a lot of Easter treats and once they’re all gone I’ll go back to healthy eating because my body feels better when I’m eating healthy food.Luckily there are free exercise videos on YouTube and lots of resources for people to follow online. Thanks for reminding us that it’s time to get back to healthy habits! Regards, Christina

    • Hello Christina! I hope your recovery is going well. In some ways, this quiet time may be just what you needed. On the other hand, has it made getting follow up care more difficult? I too have loved seeing so many people and dogs outdoors enjoying nature. This week it has turned cool and rainy, and I have really missed being outside. I am grateful for the many online resources for exercise. My Orangetheory Fitness group actually does a virtual workout. I just need to dig deep for the motivation to push myself without the watchful eye of the coach. Good luck to you in your recovery. Take care and stay safe!

  10. I definitely can identify with this post Christie’s. There has been much comfort food eaten at our house also. We’ve just felt the need to slow down a bit and not worry too much. But we’ve decided it’s now time now to get back to a healthy routine. Stay safe Christie

  11. Oh I can so relate! I’ve been walking 2.5 miles each morning because I live in a place that has a decent climate; doing mid day yoga, lifting light to medium weights every other day, and doing a 3-5 mile bike ride in the afternoon if the winds aren’t blowing too harshly. But it’s not the cardio I am used to or did in organized classes 3 mornings a week. I’m eating chips every day, chocolate, cookies; in short, I’m indulging for the most part. But I’m also eating healthy 88% of the time because that is my normal routine. However I have a bulging middle I didn’t have before even though the scale shows I only put on 3-4 pounds. The best thing to have happened to me during this forced shutdown is that I’ve returned to a meditation practice that I put on the backburner because I was out golfing, biking, swimming, hiking, etc etc. The meditation practice has given me much needed inner peace to endure the restrictions imposed.

    I wish you well! It’s a time to be kind to ourselves even if we do pack on a few extra pounds 🙂

    Susan Grace

    • I’m impressed, Susan. It sounds like you have managed a good balance of physical activity. But I totally understand it not being the same intensity as an organized class. I love Orangetheory Fitness for that very reason. The energy of the class and the instruction and encouragement from the coach motivate me to push harder.Talking about meditation, I don’t know how I would have survived all this craziness without my daily meditation. Hopefully, you can hang onto the habit even as you get back to golfing, biking, and all that other wonderful stuff. Take care of yourself and be safe!

  12. I had about 4-6 weeks of no routine from when Grant’s mum got sick & since the whole #stayathome thing started I have been eating if not badly, certainly not well – to the extent where I have gained back one of the kilos I’d lost. It’s the nightly wine(s) and portion sizes have snuck in again. Time to put the brakes back on. #MLSTL

    • It’s so tough to have any sense of normalcy right now, Jo. I realize that I’ve been on sort of a roller coaster since November when my mom took ill. She passed away. Then our 15-year-old dog died. Then COVID-19, followed by an earthquake and ongoing aftershocks. Which I guess only underscores the point, that these ups and downs make up our lives, rather than interrupting them.

  13. Hi Christie – I’m planning on getting tougher on myself too – especially with those little “treats” that seem to be increasing due to not going out. I’m walking more, but that won’t balance the extra sugar and fat, so I too will be watching myself more. I’m only up by one kilo, but I’d hoped to be down by one kilo – so effectively that’s 2 kilos more than I want to be – so I’ll be joining you in being more intentional in my snacking.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

  14. Interesting…I identify with the increased eating to soothe/comfort/ etc but somehow, over the past week, I got bored with it. I had cooked. and baked and the house had lots of tasty treats (thankfully can be frozen) and now I am wanting them less.

    Seriously I don’t know who I am…actually I do. Getting mouth cancer and then being very restricted to what I could eat, was certainly a way to keep weight off but for 14 months it was not a fun way to live

    Once I could eat with a modified mouth, I loved it but…here’s the good thing..my mouth would get sore and foods did not have the same appeal.

    I did put on weight. A size up but not back to my XXL of a few years back…now I am maintaining and even have a slight loss and the scales are used maybe every 6 weeks to check what I think is OK as my clothes remind me, is OK.

    It will take years for the formerly very fat me to get used to being like this now I guess. It is such a mind game.

    Glad you got a lesson of sorts and were not too tough on yourself!

    Denyse. #MLSTL

    • So interesting, Denyse, that you got bored with comfort eating. The theory behind intentional eating is that if we allow ourselves to eat whatever we want, and are mindful about it, after a time, we will break free of the deprivation mentality and will naturally eat to satisfaction, without overindulging and that the “play” foods will have less of a pull on us. That sounds exactly like what you just described. In general, I’m at a point where I feel restless with what, for a time, felt indulgent. I’m looking to get back to a place of normalcy–even if it is a new normal that involves social distancing. Take care of yourself Denyse.

  15. I have seen the memes and funny videos and although comfort food is making it more tolerable to self-isolate it’s also making clothes a bit tighter! Hubby and I have been doing the new WW (as Weight Watchers is now called) since the beginning of the year so the app on our phones keeps us in check with what we’re eating. So far all is good here.

  16. Hi Christy, I can relate for sure, and am trying to keep the balance between some comfort food that I wouldn’t typically eat, and an overall healthy lifestyle. Stress in itself can bring on some weight gain and affect our metabolism, and we have a lot of that going on at present. So far I can still zip the pants 🙂 but know that I have to stay focused, stay active (even if it’s walking inside because it’s still too cold outside), stay positive and eat healthy. Thanks for sharing your experience. #MLSTL

    • I hadn’t thought about stress affecting weight, Candi, and as I recall, it settles around the middle. I’m going to blame this all on stress! 🙂 Seriously, I’ve been working on shifting my focus to health and vitality rather than body shape, but old habits die hard. My goal is to be honest with myself about how healthy I am eating and how much physical activity I’m getting. Then practice mindfulness and gratitude for my amazing body and all the work it does and the experiences it allows me and not worry too much about pant size. It’s a little cool here for walking right now too. I’m hoping for warmer temps by weekend. Fingers crossed!

  17. I saw a term this morning similar to your staycation – coronacation. Alas, I’ve been a bit remiss in this space as well. For me, it’s simply too much cooking, because it’s been one area to both be creative and derive comfort. But I have now boosted my yoga (on-line) to 4 days a week, and am trying to avoid late night snacking. And if the weather ever improves, I hope to walk more. One thing about not grocery shopping too much – I missed the Easter candy sale!

    • I like that, Pat…coronacation. Whatever kind of “cation” I’m having, it’s probably lasted long enough. Online yoga sounds lovely. I may have to try that. I have some videos, but they’re getting a bit repetitious at this point. I’m with you rooting for warmer weather soon. Take care and stay safe!

  18. I could easily slip back to old patterns and indulge every food fantasy Christie. I find prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, yet I know we each have to do what works best for us. Be safe, stay well, and enjoy the ride. Visiting you at #MLSTL. Will pin this post.

    • So true, Nancy. Each of us is doing the best that we can right now under very trying circumstances. But you are right, prevention is much more effective than cure…which just so happens to be the premise behind all this social distancing. I love that you added “enjoy the ride” to your admonition to be safe and stay well. I just may have to borrow that. I wish for you health and happiness.

  19. The struggle is real! I find myself going from sweat pants in the morning to stretchy tights for my daily(ish) walks, to leggings after my shower. I’m a little scared to put on pants with a zipper. I also spend way more time sitting in front of a screen. Yikes!

  20. Hi Christie, I admire you trying on any pants besides yoga pants. I like to stay a little in denial on this one, as long as I can zip up my vests and jackets. I am having that one glass of wine a night (honestly, one glass:) and for me I think it is the sugar in the wine that does not help the weight situation. I have been a huge fan of “Schitt’s Creek” and very sorry it came to an end. I am always a work in progress, trying to stay mentally and physically healthy. Great reminders, Christie. You, too, stay safe and healthy.🙂

    • Hello Erica! Nice to find another Schitt’s Creek fan. My sisters, my aunt, and I talk about it like it’s the most important thing happening. It could be a form of denial–or distraction–but at least we are laughing (and sometimes crying) about something that has nothing to do with the virus. I ran out of wine and refuse to stand in the long line for the liquor store. (In Utah, you can’t buy wine at the grocery store.) Thus the switch to beer, which is on the shelf at the grocery store. Take care, stay safe, and keep laughing!

  21. Oh Christie, I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone! My wardrobe has shrunk to a few key easy to wear pieces and as I’m not going out anywhere I’ve become quite ‘relaxed’ in my attitude. I’m exercising a lot more regularly but it’s not that grueling, more like yoga, stretching and more sitting than normal. we have a new rail trail so I’ve been out riding 20kms every few days and walking but it’s lots its intensity. I’ve been comfort eating, comfort reading and comfort watching so life is a bit different to normal. I’ve decided to cut myself some slack for a bit longer and nurture that side of me that is feeling overwhelmed. I love your honesty and your words certainly struck a chord with me :). #mlstl

    • Hello Debbie. It sounds like we are all in this together in more ways that one. I’m happy to hear that you are cutting yourself some slack. I am as well, and I’ve been at peace with that. Now I’m starting to feel a little restless, like I want to do something more with myself. It may be, in part, because the weather here has not been conducive to getting outside. Since that lovely spring day when I tried my “real” pants on, it has been cool and wet. I’m sure the sun will be back soon…at least I hope.Take care of yourself. Enjoy that rail trail.

  22. Not as bad here, but still….not great. At least I’m still working but just doing it from home. I find that I actually snack less while working from home and I’m walking more but still not able to move that needle. I guess that’s because while I’m not snacking while I’m at work, I am sneaking in some chips (my comfort food) while I’m off work. Beer (aka liquid bread) or chips….both take their toll when done every day.

    • Hello Jennifer. I’m glad you are able to work from home. Me too, and I am so grateful for that. This week I have started being more mindful of what I eat and drink. If I really want something I still have it, but I make a conscious choice and then mindfully savor the taste. I believe a big part of what happened with me is that I went straight from vacation mode (a literal vacation to Mexico) to quarantine, thinking it would only be two weeks. It turned into a month, then more, and I held on to that vacation mindset of being on a break from real life. Well, this actually is real life and I’m not on a break. Of course, traumatic times require some gentleness towards ourselves and others…maybe just not full on vacation mode. Take care, stay safe, have some fun!

  23. Hi Christie, thanks for this post! I think even in ‘normal’ times it’s really hard to get back into reality after a vacation. But your experience made it much more difficult, going straight into quarantine!
    I’ve absolutely gone the other way than most of the other women commenting here! Since lock down, besides drastically cutting down on refined sugar and not buying chocolate, I’ve been eating really healthily (no cookies, no chips or other ‘goodies’), and have been doing small daily exercises – sometimes twice a day! I had a little weight problem for the past 12 months, and because I wasn’t very disciplined I didn’t lose the 2 or 3 kilograms that I was carrying. But since being locked down I’m now at the weight I want to be and I’m feeling pretty healthy too! It helps that my husband is also interested in healthy food and he doesn’t have a sweet tooth. My goal is to be able to touch my toes, and I’m nearly there!
    I wish you all the best in getting back in to your capris – I know you can do it!! Take care! 🙂 x

  24. Ditto! I hope to never complain about going to the gym again…or at least not for a long while, once we can get back in there. We are, like you, doing 15 minute workouts for seniors that are quite comfortably paced and not all that challenging, enjoying walks that are much the same way. My heart rate gets higher only when I read the increased in number of Covid-19 cases in El Paso each evening.

    Had a DQ Blizzard last night. It was not the one I ordered so I actually left some (a little) in the cup when I threw it away. There’s still hope for me yet.

    • I miss my gym Leslie! Perhaps more than I miss getting my nails done or having a massage. A DQ Blizzard sounds delicious actually. I haven’t had one of those in a while. I hope you and your family are holding up okay. Be kind to yourself and take care. We’ll get through this!

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