1. You sound further ahead with the new normal than us. My son’s mother in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few weeks before lock down started. She had one round of radiation and then cancer treatment was suspended so it is good news that our hospitals are beginning to take non emergency cases again.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your son’s mother-in-law. There is no good time to be diagnosed with cancer, but during a pandemic must make it that much more difficult. I’m happy to hear that the hospitals are beginning to perform non-emergent services. Sending healing energy and love your way.

  2. Things aren’t opening up here like where you live. One of the first things I will do, when I feel comfortable getting out and about, is to make a dentist appointment. It’s one of those things I had put off before the shutdown, and now it’s been way too long.I’m glad to know that your dental office is doing what they can to protect themselves and their patients.

    Btw, thank you for providing the transcripts along with your video. I much prefer to read posts. Some other bloggers just have the video and I often just delete their video posts without watching them.

    • You’re welcome Janis. While I do enjoy watching videos and having the opportunity to hear a blogger’s voice and see more of their mannerisms, there are times when the sound would be disruptive, and I always appreciate the ability to read the words instead. As happy as I am to see some businesses re-opening, I just hope people will be cautious and not think that it is business as usual. I do worry about our infection rate surging. Fingers crossed!

  3. Hi, Christie – I agree that doing routine things that we used to do (like going to the dentist), feel so good now. Heck, even using the ATM inside my bank feels good. Hopefully, the silver lining will be that we take less and less for granted.
    Glad you are well.

    • I’m going to do my best to hang on to this appreciation. I hope others will as well. Take care–and keep enjoying those walks on the beach! I’m a little jealous (okay, a lot!).

  4. Hi Christie, I am curious about the dental offices since I was in the field for a long time and I have many friends who are dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and other team members. Ours have not reopened and I think it is still going to be awhile. I like your term “baby steps.” It will be interesting to see how everyone handles the changing guidelines. Thank you for sharing and take care.

    • Hi Erica. I was a little worried about going to the dentist, but actually felt very comfortable. I just hope that as other businesses start opening, they will take the appropriate precautions. I also hope that people don’t take the re-openings as a sign that social distancing is over and they don’t have to be careful. We shall see. Take care and stay safe.

  5. We too have some small steps back to normality. We can now go for drives (up to 50kms from home) and use the beach and parks for recreation as well as exercise – with social distancing of course. And on Thursday it’s our wedding anniversary – 26 years married, 31 years together – so that’s making me smile.

  6. Hi Christie, we have been making baby steps forward like you and as Jo mentioned we can now drive up to 50kms from home. Last week my grandson Ethan turned 6 so he had a Zoom birthday party with grandparents and another with school friends. That made me smile. I also have taken my 3rd group exercise class in a Virtual Studio and only two more to go until I have finished my Cert III in Fitness. Now that makes me smile. Thank you for sharing at #MLSTL and I have you say when I see your videos, Christie they make me smile too. Thank you! xx

    • Thank you for those kind words Sue. And congratulations on getting so close to your certification. You never cease to amaze me. I hope Ethan enjoyed his Zoom party. It’s still so hard for me to wrap my head around how quickly things changed. Thank goodness for technology!

  7. Hi Christie – interesting to see what services are still available and being reinstated where you are. Dentists here are only treating emergency patients and there’s no sign of beauty parlours going back to business. The face shield thing is interesting because I always wore one when I worked as a dental hygienist – it reduced the splatter from the cleaning (prophy paste) and any blood that might flick around and it didn’t fog like glasses do when wearing a mask).
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

    • Hello Leanne. I am really hoping that we aren’t opening too soon and that people will continue to be cautious. I did get my nails done. They only have one client in the room at a time, and we both wore masks and both washed our hands immediately before before starting. She did away with all the soft surfaces (like towels) to make sanitizing between clients easier. Thanks for sharing your experience as a hygienist. I think the face shield makes a lot of sense. I suspect some of our new practices will stick and become routine. I hope all is well with you. Enjoy your week!

  8. Hi Christie, I’m glad you are returning to normal activities but I agree it’s going to hard getting used to these things again. We aren’t reopening things just yet but our little town is managing OK. I’m smiling as it was my daughter’s birthday on Monday, she turned 35, and this weekend it’s Mother’s Day, although I won’t be able to see any of my children. Keep smiling #mlstl

    • Happy birthday to your daughter, Deb! I’ve been thinking a lot about Mother’s Day, as it will be my first without my Mom, and we just moved Larry’s 92-year-old mother into an assisted living apartment. It’s close by, and they will let us visit, as we are her primary caregivers. Still we are extra cautious to stay masked and keep our distance. One of my daughters is bringing her family to our yard for a socially distanced picnic. I may even sneak in a quick, masked hug. Regardless, we can celebrate our mothers and our beautiful children that made us mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. It is interesting how different places are handling the opening up differently. I went grocery shopping this morning and only about 50% of folks had on masks. Yes, I live in a city and yes, we are still having a lot of new cases – over 500 new cases in our state this week already. I am a bit worried about a bigger wave 2 as I see so many people not using masks (or wearing them incorrectly) and not doing social distancing. I guess I’ll be staying self-isolated for a while still.

    • It is concerning to see people ignoring social distancing and mask guidelines. When we go to the store, I would say it’s about 75-percent of people wearing masks. Some stores, like Costco, are cracking down and saying you can’t come in without a mask. I did get my nails done this week. I was the only client in the small shop, we both wore masks, and we both washed our hands before starting. She had removed all soft surfaces, like towels, etc., and fully sanitizes between each client. Hopefully, that is enough. Take care of yourself. I hope you start to see a decrease in your area soon. In the meantime, it sounds like you are making the smart choice to self-isolate.

  10. Everything where I am is still moving slow. My hairdresser is back working but is only doing one customer at a time so its going to be a while before I can get into see her. Now is wish I had a full head of foils back in January lol. Oh how I wish some restaurants could open. I love to cook but Im sick and tired of doing dishes. The first thing im going to do once lockdown is over is get a massage. #MLSTL

    • Slow is probably a good thing, Bree. I haven’t heard from my hairdresser yet, but I have an appointment on the books for two weeks from now, so here’s hoping that holds. Luckily, I was one of the last appointments before the stay-at-home guidance was issued in our state, so it hasn’t been too bad–yet! I miss sitting down in a restaurant with loved ones. We’ve done takeout a few times to mix things up, but it’s not the same as the dining out experience. And I promise to truly appreciate every massage I get from now on! Not that I didn’t enjoy them in the past, but I’m not sure I gave them their due. Here’s to more baby steps forward! Take care!

  11. Hi Christie, We’re still in the Republic of Georgia, and are working on an apartment renovation in Chiatura. Businesses here, will slowly begin to re-open starting with construction businesses, on May 11th. That will be good for us since we can buy materials that we need for the renovation. I’ll be happy when we can finally move in to our property. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the artistic endeavors that we are going to try. We are going to try and keep some of the stone walls in the apartment exposed and we are reading up on how to apply a lime wash. We’re also going to try some different types of painting techniques on walls and furniture. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am so looking forward to seeing what you do with the apartment, Christina. It sounds lovely. I hope you are able to get the supplies you need soon. We are fortunate that our builder has kept working on our house throughout the pandemic. We haven’t been able to watch it in person, as we would have liked, so here’s hoping we get what we expected! We have received lots of pictures, and the builder is a reputable one, so I’m not overly worried, but still one does like to be present for that sort of thing. Good luck with your home. Stay safe!

  12. I’m sitting in the sun on a gorgeous day and I’m rather relishing this quiet. I did venture out today for a haircut with precautions and I hope businesses can get things going safely for their own survival. I live in a place where visiting my daughter is allowed so not missing much at all.

    • That sounds lovely, Christine. I’m sure it felt good to get a little pampering. And having your daughter allowed to visit is a blessing.What more could you need? My daughter and her family are coming over for a picnic in the yard this Sunday. We won’t do a lot of touching and we’ll spread out, but it will be so nice to see them in the flesh! Take care of yourself and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  13. Go you and the baby steps….and good on the dentist for the processes.

    I got an eye test today following my recent cataract surgeries and had to use hand sanitiser and wear a mask to do so. All went well.

    In Australia every state makes the big decisions on travel, schooling, health etc and we are in the biggest (by population) state and some things are slowly changing.

    Schools will return for all kids (not just those of essential workers) for 1 day a week – 20-25% of the schools population attends on each day. I must admit I am glad I am retired but I sure know teachers and everyone is a bit concerned.

    Our hairdressers can open but no beauty therapy or nails etc. So I got my haircut and that was such a welcome treat!

    This Sunday, mother’s day, we are driving to Sydney to our daughter’s house for morning tea. A 2 hour drive there and back but families can have two visitors to their house so that is us!

    Take care.

    Denyse #mlstl

    • Hello Denyse. I’ve enjoyed hearing how each person’s area is handling things. Our schools are completely closed for the summer. I’m just hoping they can open in the fall at this point. I feel bad for our high school senior (grandson) who is missing out on the usual ceremonies and celebrations. I’m glad you were able to get your hair done. My husband’s hairdresser started working again, but spacing the clients out for cleaning purposes in between, and she has such a backlog, it could take a while to get everyone in. Your Mother’s Day plans sound wonderful. It’s worth a 2-hour drive at this point, isn’t it. One of my daughters is bringing her family over on Sunday, but we will stay outside, so we can spread out. I hope we aren’t rushing things (around the world), but it sure feels good to get back to some of life’s little pleasures. Take care. Happy Mother’s Day!

  14. Glad you have some pampering planned for the near future. My 4 year old granddaughter gave me a manicure last week. And has promised me another one this week. Only trouble is she picks the colors!! One hand was red, the other was green. Hoping for springier colors this week.

    • Granddaughters do give some pretty great manicures, Leslie! We have a photo of two granddaughters giving my husband a pedicure when they were about four years old. He went around with rainbow colored toes (not just the nails!) for about a week. 🙂

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