1. I end each day by naming those things, great and small, for which I am grateful that day. It’s a comfort to not only say thanks but also a pleasant way to review your day.

  2. Hi, Christie – Thank you for sharing another critical topic. The research on gratitude in mind-blowing. From positively affecting our mental health, physical health, happiness, self-esteem, sleep and resilience… it is truly incredible how much punch this small shift in focus can pack.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Donna. We had a rough night with my mom, who is ill. Through it all, I kept thinking how grateful I was for three siblings that live close by and the hospice nurse, who rushed to our aid. I was also deeply grateful for my husband dropping everything and coming with me. She was better by the time we left, and I am grateful for that as well.

  3. Hi Christie – you’re doing so well with your videos and you seem to really be getting into the groove with them. Do you think it’s making a difference to your blogging in any particular ways? I’m always interested to know why people try new things.
    Great thoughts today – resilience and gratitude are both very high on my radar.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Hi Leanne. You ask a good question. I tried video, because I was intrigued by other bloggers’ videos. I like the chance to see them in action, hear their voices, and see their mannerisms. It made me feel like I knew them better. As far as my blogging, I’m thinking I may switch to an every-other-week format–video one week and a written blog the next–and see if I like that. It’s a lot working full time, taking care of family matters, building a new house, and blogging and vlogging every week. I have not seen a big change in my audience or engagement due to adding video. Thanks for getting me thinking about all that. Have a lovely week!

  4. I’ve read about gratitude and our health before, and it sure makes sense to me. And I love your 3 exercises, Christie! They are simple and would really keep us focused on being grateful. I’m good with #1 and pretty good with #2 although I don’t write thank you notes very often, mostly verbal. Writing in a journal is something I keep trying to do and be consistent with; I have a journal of prayers of gratitude which is very similar to your suggestion. Happy Thanksgiving! #MLSTL

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Candi. It sounds to me like you are further along than many people in cultivating gratitude. While there is something to writing out what you are grateful for, if I forget, I like to at least mentally run through three good things as I lie down to sleep. I find myself periodically throughout the day thinking, “If I were to choose my three things now, they would be…” A happy habit to have. Enjoy your week!

  5. I love the metaphor about the ab muscles! I think I will try and add in an evening gratitude meditation. I often include gratitude in my morning pages, though not every day. I do think that usually I have an attitude of gratitude, when I stop and think. Sometimes reactions happen first! But I (almost) always say thank you – my momma taught me that. I think recognizing people who do things for you – servers, cashiers, hold the door, etc – is an important part of community and civility. Something we can’t have too much of these days.

    • Amen to saying thank you Pat! That’s something my mother taught me as well and it’s been passed on to our children and grandchildren. When we all go out to dinner, we sometimes laugh at how many thank yous get said!

  6. A timely piece to coincide with the gratitude of Thanksgiving. I agree, beginning the day with gratitude is priceless. I am currently doing a 20 day gratitude and meditation course and loving how it get my day started on the right foot. Thank you! Sharing on my SM.

  7. I work on gratitude every day, yet I still need to remind myself in certain situations. I love your phrase “unpleasant feelings can exist side-by-side with gratitude.” I always appreciate your positive energy, Christie, and the good you put into the Universe. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! #MLSTL and sharing SM

  8. I love this!

    Two years ago, I was going through an extremely difficult (and horrific, actually) time, and my dear yoga teacher kept pushing me to be grateful for what I have and focus on the lessons I needed to learn. I was able to focus on how loved and connected I felt to those who supported me, and I still think of that when I remember that time.

    • Hello Bethany. Thank you for sharing your personal experience. It’s so good to have the loving support of others during those horrific times–and to allow yourself to recognize and be grateful for that. I am happy to hear that the love and connection is a big part of what you remember about that time.

  9. Agree-why wait until Thanksgiving to talk about or think about what we are grateful for? I began meditating a few months ago and it has kept me mindful of my gratitude. Why is it we always focus on our needs and wants? I just ordered a journal and part of it is to focus each day on gratitude, so your piece is very timely.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • It always intrigues me, Theresa, when what we focus on comes to us in abundance. You’ve been thinking about gratitude, and it manifests itself all around you. Now, I know it’s Thanksgiving season, so gratitude is a hot topic, but still…

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