My “Day of Me” and why I think you should have one too

You’ve heard it before—self-care is important. You know in your gut it’s true. I hope you are allowing your head and your heart to follow.

Because self-care can sometimes feel selfish, experts play to that emotion: You can’t get water from an empty well. In an airplane emergency, you put the oxygen on yourself first so you will be in a condition to help others. 

At the risk of sounding selfish, let me just say self-care is also important because YOU are important. Your health and your happiness are of value in and of themselves. 

Now that I’ve accepted both of these premises: self-care is important for my own well-being and for those I love, I regularly make time for self-care. For example, I meditate daily; I exercise most days; I get my nails done every other week; and I get monthly massages.

What I haven’t done before is taken a full day just for me. Recently I did just that. When I told my husband my plans for a day of pampering, he asked who I was going with? “Just me,” I replied. I can’t really blame him for his confusion. Every previous trip to the spa included my daughters, my sisters, or even my husband. And I love that fun time together. Would the experience be as enjoyable by myself? I was about to find out.

So here’s how my Day of Me looked.

Phase 1

I got up early and went to the Orangetheory Fitness studio for a high-energy workout. Now that might not sound like pampering to some, and if you don’t enjoy your workout, I definitely wouldn’t include that in your Day of Me (and maybe find a new workout routine). As it turns out, it was a partner workout, which I don’t always love, but this day I paired up with Brittany, who I had never spoken with before. She was friendly and encouraging. I had a great workout and made a new friend. (The gentleman in between us in this picture is our coach, Doug.)

Two ladies and a man at Orangetheory Fitness.

Phase 2

After my workout, I popped next door to the Protein Foundry for a yummy peanut butter smoothie.

Peanut butter smoothie and Hydro Flask.

Phase 3

After a quick shower, I went to the Sego Lily Spa for a red hot apple toddy pedicure. It was as wonderful as it sounds. It included a soak with a bath bomb, an apple sugar scrub, a calf and foot massage, paraffin wax, and toenail painting. I was served hot tea and chocolates during the process. 

Water wall at Sego Lily Day Spa.
Paraffin wax pedicure.
Feet in fall leaves.

Phase 4

Next was a quick run through the Arctic Circle drive-through and eating fast food in my car as I hurried to my next appointment. Okay, eating fast food in my car probably doesn’t sound like self-care, but the fact that I honored my hunger and let myself enjoy the food without guilt felt like self-care. (Sorry no photos of my hamburger and sweet potato fries. You’ll have to trust me that they were yummy.)

Phase 5

And finally, I got my hair cut and colored at McCarty Salon. Besides enjoying the final results, I love the process–having someone else wash, cut, and style my hair, complete with a scalp massage. I was so relaxed by then, I forgot to take any photos in the salon. We’ll have to make do with this selfie on the way out.

Woman in sunglasses.

All in all, my Day of Me was a success. I left the house at 7:30 in the morning and returned at 5:00 that evening, feeling refreshed and peaceful, ready to jump back into my regular life.

I think I’ll implement an annual Day of Me. Will you join me? What activities would you include in your Day of Me?

Your turn

  1. What activities would you include in your Day of Me?
  2. Do you feel guilty when you take time for yourself?
  3. What else is on your mind? Anything at all. I just love to hear from you.

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  1. That sounds wonderful! Although I’ve done all of those things separately, never one after the other. Good for you for taking care of yourself so well. You deserve it!

  2. I LOVE this idea. My day of me would be to start the morning with my usual 5kms along the beach followed by coffee down there. Rather than rushing home to log into work though, I’d linger. Then I’d linger some more over my brekky & indulge in a pot of tea instead of a cup. As for the rest of it? I’m not sure, although there’d have to be some baking in there – just because I could. I think though it would be enough of a treat not to HAVE to log into work. #MLSTL

  3. I struggle to take the time for self-care other than my morning routine and sleep and swimming. those things are part of my day. I love the idea of a spa day, but never go. I am planning on a manicure and pedicure before my daughters wedding. That is always a treat for me. The hot apple Toddy sounds amazing. I would try that!

    • Hello Michele! Beginning your day with a good morning routine is a great start. I definitely think you should schedule a spa day, perhaps in conjunction with your mani/pedi. Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming wedding. Take care!

  4. I like your annual day of me idea Christie – I tend to not spend a lot of time and money on myself because it’s never been an option. I’m getting better at allowing myself to be a priority and I know I’m certainly looking forward to my day at the hairdresser’s next week to get cut, coloured and pampered.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Hello Leanne. The important thing is that you are allowing yourself to be a priority. You certainly don’t have to spend a lot of money on your Day of Me. A day of jigsawing, reading, enjoying local community events…anything that feels indulgent to you. You do, of course, have to spend the time. I always love going to the hairdresser. That definitely counts as pampering. Enjoy!

  5. Love your ‘day of me’, Christie and as you know I’ve been having a regular Self Care Sunday with Sue where I’m sharing my thoughts. My day would be similar to yours – self care for the body and mind with exercise and some pampering. Sounds like bliss. Thanks for sharing and also highlighting the importance of self care. Have a beautiful week. xx #MLSTL

  6. Hi Christie, Great being back visiting your blog. A Day of Me, sounds heavenly! I love getting my hair done too, and get it cut and colored, every 8 weeks. I work out regularly at a gym, also, but I don’t think I would want to include that as part of a me day, because I just don’t feel very pretty after a workout. Instead I would get a facial. I’ve been really focusing on doing everything I can to help my skin age better. I enjoyed your post and the reminder that we need time to take care of ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Christina and welcome back. I also get my hair cut and colored every eight weeks, and I always look forward to it. I did have to pop home for a quick shower after the workout, or the people at the spa probably would have thrown me out! 🙂 I’ve never had a facial. I’m not sure I would like my face touched like that. Of course, I never thought I would be comfortable getting a massage, and now I’m hooked. Hmmm…perhaps it’s time I tried. Have a great week!

  7. When I retired, three of my coworkers gave me a spa gift certificate. It was enough to cover five hours of pampering – body wrap, massage, bath, facial, manicure, and pedicure. They also served me a light lunch. I haven’t done it again but I really should. It was a fabulous day.

  8. Cindy

    I’m in! I mean if it’s for my own good as well as others how can I say no? Did you ever wish you had someone with you, or were you just happy to be alone? If I had the time I would definitely include frivolous shopping in my day!

    • I actually really enjoyed a day all to myself, Cindy. That said, I love going with the ladies, and I’m up for a spa day with my sisters anytime! (Followed by some frivolous shopping, of course.)

  9. What a fabulous way to spend the day Christie! I also have monthly massages and love the feeling I get from being un-wound. I think your day and your reasons why is enough for any of us to follow suit, if and when we can. Loved it! #mlstl

    • Thanks Deb. You bring up a good point about “if and when we can.” We want to make our self-care a priority, but we certainly wouldn’t want to make a day off one more “obligation” that we feel pressured or guilty about. As for monthly massages, I love mine, as a way of caring for my body and my mind. Have a lovely week!

  10. Hi Christie,
    I loved your day. The pedicure sounds heavenly. I would pass on the workout and just go for a long, quiet walk.
    I’m having a “mini” me day…mani/pedi, then relaxing by the pool for the afternoon. We have been super busy here settling in and I just need a break.
    Good for you carving out some “me time.”

  11. Looks like an awesome day just for you!! I now take time for myself, mainly due to my psychologist embedding it in my brain over and over! I finally realized that I must take care of myself and cater to me because I’m the only me that I have!!

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